Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chocolate Cameos

I finally put to use some of the chocolate molds I bought back at the beginning of December. I got a few different molds shaped like vintage cameos, which I excitedly hinted at here. I think these are just spectacular! I spent a couple hours Friday evening while the hubby was out puttering around in the kitchen playing with a couple of my molds. I decided to make these in white, pink and red since Valentine's Day is coming up. I always think cameos are so whimsical and romantic and they look lovely in these shades. I took these picture in a hurry this afternoon before the hubby and I went out to do a little shopping/have dinner. I want to take another picture with the chocolate cameos next to the identical vintage ones. I am just so tickled that I can now create edible versions of the very cameos I use in my designs! I've decided that I'm making a bunch of these for shoppers next time I do a trunk show or the like. Wouldn't that be so fun?

You'll have to excuse the photos. I was having a bit of fun with the aperture on my new camera. This camera handles quite a bit differently than my old point and shoot, but I'm loving it! It's so wonderful having a camera again. I've missed sharing snippets from my days. I'm baking macarons again tomorrow. I hope they turn out lovely so I can share them with you soon!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cutest Cookies Ever!

As if my list of things to bake wasn't long already, these Colorful Spiral Cookies from Sprinkle Bakes are now on my list! I mean, how cute are these? I love that they can be frozen and sliced/baked whenever. I need to get my hands on some adorable jumbo nonpareils and some fruity extract--perhaps some Raspberry Flavor or Orange Extract--and then I'm set! I am planning to do share my baking more often now that my new camera has arrived.

The new camera came in today and I am beyond excited! I've played around with my usual features a little tonight but look forward to seeing what it can really do tomorrow once there is sunlight. I'm going to do some baking this weekend and will be busy photographing new items for a shop update next week. More details on that to come!

So Sweet!

The super sweet and talented Heather of Gathering Spriggs blogged about my shop today after having purchased a pair of The Lady in Plum Earrings for her sister's birthday. You can read her post on the Gathering Spriggs blog here. Make sure you stay a while and glance around Heather's blog--it is full of the most gorgeous and inspiring photos. She has such a wonderful eye!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

...For a Rainy Day

With all the rain we got recently (I mean, seriously, it rained for like two weeks straight) I came to discover that my umbrella was either misplaced or was left somewhere last time I used it. I really don't mind rain all that much, but I really don't enjoy getting drenched--especially in winter when the rain is freezing! Thus I have umbrellas on the brain. I cycled through some inexpensive but relatively cute umbrellas during college. My last umbrella, however, was solid black and just a wee bit boring. How cute are these umbrellas? I would love to have any of them, but am particularly fond of the first two. I sort of crave colorful cuteness when the world is dark and bleak. I think these are so cheerful and would make a journey out into the rain an adventure!

All are from Umbrella Boutique.

And when I return home from my rainy little adventures, I'd like to place my wet umbrella in one of these adorable stands!

Pushing Daisies

The hubby and I have been watching Pushing Daisies for the past month. Aside from being one of the sweetest shows I've ever seen, the sets are always wonderfully whimsical and the styling is absolutely brilliant. Charlotte Charles, aka Chuck, is almost always in the most adorable retro-inspired fashions. Her 1950's style dresses are my absolute favorite. If I had unlimited funds I would switch my entire wardrobe to feminine 1950's silhouettes, cozy cardigans and girly heels and flats.

This yellow floral dress is one of my favorites from the entire series! I love the print and the fantastic voluminous skirt!

This slightly more casual look is also at the top of my favorite Chuck looks. I absolutely adore the combination of soft sherbet shades. That cardigan is seriously to die for! If I remember correctly, I think this outfit was paired with simple but charming white ballet flats. I could wear this look every day!

The sets for the show are truly amazing! I am head over heels in love with Olive Snook's kitchen! While it would probably drive me crazy to have so little counter space (baker's need room), the over-the-top feminine colors melt my heart. Olive's place make me a little sad I never had my own apartment (I went straight from the dorms to getting married) to decorate with all sorts of girly knickknacks and whatnots.

The hubby and I are almost finished watching the series, but I know I'll return to it time and again if only for all the eye candy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Cute Food Blog

I just found the most adorable food blog ever. Rightfully so as it is sort of the Tastespotting of cute food. EpiCute the cute food blog is totally a new favorite! I just love cute, whimsical baked goods. I think I may just have to spend some time this weekend in the kitchen baking to my heart's content. Right now I'm off to put together a pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza with my favorite homemade herbed focaccia crust. Yum!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Giveaway at Oh, Hello Friend

There is a fantastic giveaway going on over at Oh, Hello Friend. Olive, one of my favorite Etsy shops, is giving away a $40 gift certificate. Her shop is filled with lots of adorable sewn whimsy!

Be sure to check out the Olive shop and head over to Oh, Hello Friend to enter the giveaway!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Camera!

Thanks to a very, very generous belated graduation present from my in-laws, my new camera is ordered and it should arrive by the end of the week! I am so very excited. I really could burst with joy! It's been surprisingly hard the past few weeks not having a camera. I am so looking forward to having a better camera that will make photographing items for my shop easier and will enable me to chronicle my baking more (the old camera just couldn't handle the poor lighting of my kitchen). I am overjoyed!

After much research I decided to go with a Canon XSi. I needed a relatively inexpensive DSLR, but I also wanted one that I could grow with and would love for years to come. I really look forward to furthering my skills with this camera.

After reading the same suggestion countless times from various foodies, I decided to order the camera minus the kit lens and order the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens instead. This specific lens came highly suggested by several folks and for around $100 it's a great deal. Eventually I'd like to also purchase this macro lens as well but, as it's quite a splurge, that purchase won't come for several months.

I look forward to getting back in the swing of things. I hope to start posting more again and include more recipes and photos from around the studio. I am also planning a big shop update for next week sometime which may be accompanied by a little celebratory sale!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

17 and Baking

I stumbled upon a wonderful blog while doing one of my many daily perusings of foodgawker. 17 and Baking is a gorgeous blog filled with stunning photos. Check it out, folks! I'm seriously smitten and I think you will be too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Currently Reading...

I just returned home from a fantastic little outing with the hubby. We had lunch, I returned a few things, bought some new Burt's Bees face wash and lotion from Target, and stopped by the public library to check out a few books. I picked up three fantastic baking cookbooks which I plan to enjoy this afternoon while cozy on the couch.

I have been wanting to get my hands on Baked: New Frontiers in Baking for months and months! I am so excited to finally have a copy in my hands to flip through. I tried the Pumpkin Whoopie Pies from this cookbook last fall and they were amazing! I have heard so many rave reviews for this cookbook and I can't wait to try more of the recipes from it.

The next two books I picked up after I saw them on the shelf at the library. I love Magnolia Bakery's recipe for vanilla cupcakes. That recipe was one of the very first things I ever baked from scratch. I made it several times in the months after the hubby and I got married. I would always turn it into an 8-inch layer cake and frost it with sweet pastel pink or green frosting. I look forward to trying out more of famous Magnolia Bakery sweets!

The last book I picked up was only the last because the hubby said I had to limit myself to three books. Probably for the best since this last one is over 600 pages! I have a serious love affair for King Arthur Flour and I almost squealed with delight when I saw this big, beautiful book on the shelf just waiting for me to bring it home!

I had to get a new library card as I lost my last one and it probably expired a few years ago anyway. Now that I have a card, I look forward to checking cookbooks and craft books out often.

What are your favorite cookbooks and craft books? I'd love some suggestions for my next trip.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ring Love

I'm a big fan of delicate, whimsical rings. Unfortunately I have yet to dive into the world of metalsmithing, but I look forward to the possibility of one day creating some beautiful rings of my own. In the mean time I thought I'd share some of my favorites!

The first three rings are all designed by Alex Monroe who has the most amazing, whimsical line of jewelry you could ever dream of! Alex Monroe is by far my favorite jewelry designer and I would totally die to have a small collection of his work some day. While I absolutely adore everything he designs, his rings are some of my favorites. They are delicate but have such a unique, eye-catching whimsy!

I am also very fond of slim, simple stack rings. I love the look of a sleek, hammered ring. Stack rings are fabulous as you can wear one, a few, or many! I love the way they look when different metals and finishes are paired together.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cream Candy

Video from here.

This is what I did last night. I made my first ever batch of pulled cream candy! It's so delicious and I can't wait to make it again. I am already thinking ahead to next Christmas and mailing all my friends and family Christmas cards and a little tin of homemade cream candy and caramels.

Also, I may be getting this camera and this macro lens. Nothing set in stone yet, but that would just be grand! At the moment, however, I am still without camera. Thus no photos of my delicious candy to share.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Catching Up

I'm so sorry I've been so absent from the blog lately! Life has gotten a little crazy, to say the least. I am terribly sad that I got so sidetracked and didn't completely my Twelve Days of Christmas. Business was wonderfully booming right up until Christmas and I stayed busy with sales from the shop and custom orders that came in until the very last minute! Unfortunately I worked myself into a nice cold/sinus infection and was ill before, during, and after Christmas. I'm mostly all better now, thankfully.

Life has still been rather hectic since the New Year. I have so much going on at the moment. I was hoping to update the shop with new items over this week; however, it seems my poor little camera is broken! I'm not really sure what's wrong with it really (it's a long story). I'm calling customer service first thing Monday morning to see if they have any suggestions. I've been dying to purchase a new camera for the past two years. When I purchased my camera four years ago, it was the first I had ever owned and I figured it was a nice camera to learn on. Now that I know a thing or two about digital photography I am desperately craving a camera that allows me to further my skills. Unfortunately I don't have several hundred dollars just sitting around so I can't treat myself to a new camera just yet. Hopefully I can get my current camera back in working order and can start saving up to buy the camera of my dreams.

I'm hoping to get back in the routine of posting, though I'm not sure I'll have any photos of my own to share any time soon.
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