Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Housewife's Best Friend

With the first spring in my own apartment approaching, I've been feeling excited about doing some spring cleaning. Though the hubby and I just moved in in late October, and while we don't really have the need for a good spring cleaning, I'm planning to engage in the yearly activity nonetheless. I am the type of person who gets great pleasure from cleaning, and especially from organizing belongings, getting rid of old things and making way for the new.

Our kitchen is still far from how I would ideally image it (though it's come a long way). Our bedroom is incredibly empty and bland. And my studio is still a bit unfinished. I plan to focus my attention on these three rooms when it comes to my spring cleaning. For me, spring cleaning will be more like spring decorating as our apartment's biggest flaw currently is it's lack of decoration.

As for cleaning, this will be my best friend:

I first discovered Bar Keepers Friend when I was desperately searching for some cleaner that would remove years and years worth of stains from our 1940's porcelain kitchen sink. While this cleaner couldn't remove surface damage, I was amazed as I watched so many stains disappear before my eyes. It worked wonders on our kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and tub. I just read today that it beautifully cleans stainless steel cookware and I am eager to try it out on my two stainless steel frying pans that have become stained and discolored. I'll report back with the results.

UPDATE: So I found that the Bar Keepers Friend did a pretty good job of removing discoloration from the outside of my pans caused by high heat. However, stains inside from food and heat didn't seem to budge. I have previously tried vinegar and baking soda, both with little luck. Any suggestions for cleaning really cooked on stains on stainless steel cookware?

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