Saturday, September 26, 2009

Edwardian-inspired Collar

I just finished designing this Edwardian-inspired pearl collar for a dear friend's wedding. She approached me last summer with the idea and, with the wedding quickly approaching, it has finally been brought to life. The necklace features a large genuine amber cabochon focal set into a gold plated setting. Four strands of hand knotted golden freshwater pearls complete the look, with all remaining findings in 14k gold-fill.

This is by far the most elaborate design I have completed to date. From start to finish, the design took over 12 hours. This was my first time knotting pearls and I was a bit overwhelmed by the one-chance nature of it all. If each and every knot isn't perfectly tight, the entire strand must be sacrificed. You cannot simply redo a single knot as you could a link with a wire-wrapped design. I found this incredibly overwhelming and I made sure to take my time with each and every knot. Thankfully I had the aid of some teeny tiny tweezers intended for use with knotting.

I will also be designing a very simple pair of matching earrings to be worn by the bride along with the necklace on her upcoming wedding day. Being my first time with the new technique, I am quite pleased with the result. I hope the bride loves the necklace and cherishes it for years to come!

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