Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Earrings in the Shop!

I just listed a few new earrings in my Etsy shop, including these girly earrings which I completely adore. I also have these available in a festive pairing of green and red. I will be spending the rest of my work day getting some new pieces made which I will photograph and list in the shop tomorrow.

I am focusing on getting lots of inexpensive but fabulous pieces listed in the shop for holiday shoppers. I have started a section of stocking stuffers which includes a variety of small, inexpensive (under $10) items which would be great to additions to a stocking.

I am also planning on having a "great gifts under $10" and a possibly "great gifts under $20" section where I pick out a several of my favorite items within these price points.

Here's to hoping the lighting will be in my favor tomorrow so I will be able to photograph lots of new pieces. It would be fabulous if I could get my stock up to 100 items by Monday. I am really hoping to have at least 150 to 200 pieces available by the end of next week so there will be plenty to choose from for gift giving.

1 comment:

  1. so i am catching up on your sweet blog this evening and instead of commenting on all of the posts that i love (a total of 3) i thought i would comment about all of them under one. so here it goes...

    1. i love these earrings. i would like to have one of everything you make :)
    2. red velvet cupcakes are my faaaaaavorite.
    3. i also love the idea of the mason jar sewing kit. how adorable would it be to have 3 on a crafting desk in a brightly painted room. adorable!

    also...i'm gonna send you an email (just so you know!) instead of making this comment the longest ever i thought i would just email you a question!


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