Monday, February 15, 2010

Jane Market Bag v2.0

After sewing my first Jane Market Bag last May, I've been meaning to sew a few more ever since. My collection of fabric was rather small and I didn't have enough fabric to sew another bag until a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric a couple of months back. After picking up enough fabric for a few of these fantastic bags, I was ready to get to sewing. Sort of. My first market bag ended up a little bit smaller than Alicia Paulson's pattern since I was short on fabric. This time I decided to go larger than the original Jane Market Bag. I have this fantastic shopping bag that the hubby picked up at a career far on campus; it holds so much without being too big. I decided to measure that bag and then adjust the dimension of the Jane Market Bag accordingly. This took quite a bit of planning as I checked and rechecked the calculations on my new dimensions. Unfortunately after figuring out my new pattern and starting to cut the fabric to size, I got distracted a few months back and all but abandoned the project. This weekend I finally picked it back up and finished my darling bag. The result is a pleasantly roomy bag which I cannot wait to fill up with flour and sugar and all sorts of baking essentials!

I have certainly rekindled my love for sewing. I will be making another one of these bags sometime in the future, though I think I may try few other sewing projects first. I'm dying to attempt a cute little clutch.

I took a ton of photos of the finished bag. One of the fantastic things about the pattern is that there are so many great topstitching details which really make the bag. I decided to further decorate my bag by adding two rows of vintage rick rack along the front and back pockets. I also created an insert for the bottom of the bag using left over fabric and some super stiff interfacing that I used in the sign I made for my show booth. I love how sweet and girly these colors are together and the apples and pears fabric is one of my favorite prints.


  1. What a charming bag Amy...It looks very well made...and I love the fabric....

  2. Love it! I have started sewing more lately and I really like it. I still have a long ways to go on learning patterns and stuff.

  3. love your fabric choices for your bag. i just made on. hope to blog it tomorrow. i too was wanting to make a smaller one. do you just shorten the lengths all around evenly? just curious.

  4. I love seeing all the fabrics people put together to make each of these bags so unique. This one is especially pretty in these Spring colors.


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