Monday, March 22, 2010

Lilac Dreams

I created this necklace a while back. I was sort of saving it for Mayfest, then today I had a sweet customer contact me looking for a purple necklace as a birthday present for friend. I shared this design with her and she loved it! I shared the photo on my Facebook fan page this evening and another one of my wonderful customers inquired about it. I was only able to create two of these necklaces as the gorgeous soft purple vintage rose cabochons were a pair. I have been crazy about the colors in this design since I created it, and with both necklaces being snatched up the day I revealed the design, it seems others are just as crazy about it. I think the lilac of the vintage cameo paired with the almost watercolor look of the purple rose is perfect. I'm sure I'll be creating a similar version of this necklace, with a slightly different rose accent, in the near future.

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