Friday, March 12, 2010


I am up late tonight making these and these for my hubby to take to a Pi Day celebration for one of his classes tomorrow. I wanted to make some cute cupcakes with handmade gum paste flowers, but I don't have a cupcake carrier or other useful vessel for transporting cupcakes (and it was too late to try to buy something off a bakery), so I decided to make truffles instead. I'm coating the Oreo truffles in almond bark and am decorating them with pale purple flowers. The Nutter Butter truffles are going to be coated in chocolate bark and decorated with pale orange/peach flowers. I may do some cute piped details on the truffles as well. Right now all my truffles are shaped and chilling, all my gum paste flowers are made and I'll soon be coating my truffles and doing the final decorative touches. I always jump at an opportunity to make something cute and edible, even if it means "slaving" away in the kitchen at 1am. What can I say, I love to bake (even if actual baking isn't involved as is the case with these truffles). Haha. Hopefully I'll wake up early enough to take some pretty pictures of my finished truffles before I send them off to be devoured by a bunch of hungry math nerds.

I've been working my butt off all this week getting all my stuff together for taxes. It only took me four days... I think I have finally learned my lesson about keeping track of things as the year goes on so I don't have to spend an entire week slaving over old receipts and Excel files. I'm very excited to be done so I can get back to designing new jewelry. My designs have been doing quite well locally and I need to restock at all the boutiques that carry my work. I've been focusing so much on my consignment sales lately and I've pretty much forgotten about my Etsy shop. I really, really want to get busy and give the store a face lift and a huge restocking in the next couple of weeks. Also, my first show of the season will hopefully be in early April. More on that later!

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