Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pleasant Changes

I have some pretty exciting news to share. I've been waiting to share the news for several weeks as I wanted to hold off until everything was confirmed. There are still some final steps we have to take before everything is completely official, but I am overjoyed to share that...

The hubby and I are buying our first home!

We feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to even entertain the thought of home ownership so early in our lives. I just turned 23 and my husband just graduated college and started his first "real" job. I feel so blessed to be able to take such a huge step two and a half years into our marriage. Purchasing our first home makes me feel all grown up. Long story short, what started out as a hunt for us to find a single-family home to rent turned into our first house hunt! We found a 3 bedroom/2 bath, 1,521 square feet new construction home that we love. The layout is ideal for us and the home feels so spacious and is perfect for entertaining. Currently we're on schedule to close around August 6th!

What will become my studio/office is at the very front of the house, which will be perfect for having clients stop by. You enter the large, open living room/eat-in kitchen after a short entryway/hallway. The hallway to the rest of the bedrooms is off the living room. The master bedroom (complete with master bath and a walk-in-closet), the guest bathroom, a linen closet, the third bedroom and the laundry room/mudroom are all in this area. I really like that there is a separation from the main living area. I'm extremely excited about the space and have been pondering ideas for decorating. I'm looking forward to adding DIY and decorating posts to the blog. We'll be purchasing a few furniture pieces right away, but, for the most part, our home will be a work in progress for some time. I'll be sharing some of my inspirations and my ideas for the different rooms of our home on the blog over the coming weeks.

First I thought I'd share a few ideas I have in mind for our entryway. While I love the look of adorable coat racks and umbrella stands, our entry is somewhat narrow and does have a coat closet, so they aren't quite as practical or necessary for the space. I knew I wanted to include some simple wall art and a place to drop keys, mail, etc.

After seeing John and Sherry at Young House Love add these adorable wallflowers by Umbra to their guest bedroom, I was completely smitten and knew I wanted to find a place to add them to my home one day. I'd love to add these white flowers to the right wall of my entry, sprinkled in sort of a random horizontal pattern, leading into the living room. I love the clean, graphic look of the flowers and their playful, whimsical feel. I think they would be the perfect thing to add a "wow" factor to our narrow entry.

Originally I was hoping to find a place for a cute console table to use as a drop for keys, mail, etc. Since there isn't an ideal space for one in our future home, I was sort of lost for ideas. That is until I saw this cute and functional letter organizer, also from Umbra. I love the simple, sleek look of the brushed aluminum organizer. There is plenty of room to hold mail, a flap to hold notes, shopping lists, etc., and even a few hooks for keys. How perfect! I think there should be just enough room on the left wall of our entry, before the door to my studio/office and the coat closet, for this darling organizer.

I think these two additions would be just enough to add some function and interest to our entry without overwhelming the space. I'll be back soon with some ideas for my studio/office!


  1. Amy,

    Congratulations! I'm a big fan of your work and happy to hear that you and your husband are embarking on your first home. Hope your new work space (and living space) brings you lots of creativity and joy!

  2. Those wallflowers are adorable!!

    I wanted to first say that I received my custom order a few weeks ago and forgot to tell you that I couldn't be happier!!! The earrings are SO adorable and the screw-backs work perfectly!

    Next, I wanted to leave a link to let you know that someone gave me a blog award that I am passing to you, titled the Versatile Blogger award! Here is a link to my post:

    Don't feel obligated to pass it on, but I love your shop and your blog and wanted to let you know! :)

  3. Thank you for all the congratulations and love!

    Jessica, I am so glad you loved your earrings. Thank you so much for the Versatile Blogger award--it really means a lot!

  4. I'm SO happy for you guys!!! That's awesome! Take pics so I can see the house! Wish I could come visit, but that's probably not likely for a while. Miss you!!


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