Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sugar Pop Earrings: A JewelMint Review

I placed my first order with JewelMint recently and I thought I'd share a little review of my experience for those who have been curious about trying JewelMint.  For those who haven't heard of JewelMint, it's a monthly jewelry subscription service.  For $29.99 each month you're presented with a personalized showroom of jewelry to choose from.  With JewelMint you do have the option to skip purchasing on a given month by logging into your account between the 1st and 5th to select the skip option and avoid being charged for the month.  If you do not choose to skip the month, you'll be charged $29.99 and a credit will be applied to your account that can be used toward any item on the JewelMint website.

I have heard so many raves about JewelMint from countless YouTubers over the past year and a half.  I've been curious about checking out the service for a while and had even signed up on the site to view the selection, but hadn't made a purchase until now for a few reasons.

First of all, as someone who has made jewelry for nearly seven years, I am very particular about the style and construction of the jewelry I'm willing to purchase.  Many times I won't buy a piece of jewelry because I can make something similar myself for less money that will be of better construction and higher quality.  For this reason, I am fairly skeptical about purchasing jewelry online from mass retailers without first being able to gauge the quality with my own eyes.

The other main reason had yet to place an order with JewelMint is that the jewelry offered on their website usually isn't my personal taste.  I tend to prefer very classic, retro jewelry as well as modern, feminine pieces.  I find the bulk of the styles offered from JewelMint simply don't suit me.  Even while taking the initial style profile on the site (which helps determine which pieces will be in your showroom each month), none of the questions really had answers that suited me.

I was recently browsing JewelMint again after one of my favorite YouTubers shared a JewelMint piece she had ordered with a 60% code.  It was then that I happened upon the Sugar Pop Earrings and was tempted to make a purchase.  After finding a 60% code to use on my order (bringing the price for the earrings down to $11.99 with free shipping), I decided to place an order.

I placed my order last Wednesday, received a phone call confirming my order on Thursday, and my earrings arrived on Tuesday.  I was fairly impressed with the quick delivery time; however, because I receive no shipping confirmation (on my account, via email, or by phone call), I actually had no idea they had even shipped yet.

From having seen numerous reviews of JewelMint online, I had high expectations for their packaging and I wasn't disappointed.  Each piece arrives in a mint green JewelMint box with a description of the piece displayed inside.  The Super Pop Earrings were described with, "Embrace la dolce vita with this runway inspired design.  Sweet as candy, our 10K gold-plated pair, measuring 2 1/4", boasts a dramatic combination of transparent and opaque jewels, in hues of lemon yellow, peridot, pink hyacinth, and tangerine tango."

 Inside their box, which was firmly padded to protect them, my earrings were placed in a beautiful black velvet bag.

The earrings themselves were just as vibrant and sparkling as I imagined they would be from the photo and description provided on the website.  Having paid $11.99 for the earrings, I am pleased with the experience of my purchase and the quality of the product I received.

To be honest, being as particular as I am with jewelry, I probably would not pay $29.99 for these earrings.  I would be hesitant pay $29.99 for anything I find on the JewelMint website in the future.  I think that the packaging of the jewelry above and beyond exceeds the quality of the jewelry itself.  I certainly do not think these earrings are cheap or flimsy.  They seem fairly well made and they are certainly unique and eye catching.  The "10K gold-plated" metal components of the earrings seem hefty without being cumbersome in weight.  The "transparent and opaque jewels," on the other hand, do seem a little more inexpensive and costume-y then I'd prefer.  The quality of these earrings reminds me of costume jewelry you might inherit from a grandmother or find at a flea market.  While I adore the look of costume jewelry, I certainly wouldn't readily pay $29.99 for a piece of that quality.

While I wouldn't personally pay full price for a JewelMint piece, there are thousands of women who do and are incredibly pleased with the quality.  I'm just extremely nitpicky because of the fact that I make jewelry.  I would definitely recommend everyone give JewelMint a try if they find a piece that they love.  There always seems to be fantastic discount codes available online to save 50% or more off your first JewelMint purchase, so I would suggest doing a little Google search before you place an order.

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  1. Check out JewelBox!! They made handmade custom jewelry made just for you and mail it right to your door! :)

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  3. Just found your page when googling JewelMint reviews. I have pretty much the same opinion. I've ordered from them twice & have received a few nice pieces, but $30 per piece is overvalued. There's a necklace I want on there right now from their New Frontier collection, but I'm holding out for a promo code.


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