Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 2012 Birchbox

My October Birchbox arrived yesterday and I was really hoping for something exciting seeing that my boxes the past couple of months have been utterly disappointing.  This month I opted to partake in a special collab box between Birchbox and Goop.  I had honestly never heard of Goop before Birchbox announced the collaboration, but I had high hopes because most of the past collab boxes have been pretty great.

Unfortunately this month was another so-so month for me.  I am honestly getting a little tired of how repetitive Birchbox can be.  How many snack bars, cleansers, and foil packet samples can one girl try?

My October Birchbox included:

Chantecaille - Faux Cils Mascara ($42/0.32 oz)
Meet your new wand love - this water-resistent mascara delivers exceptional volume, length, and curl.

Sample size: 0.14 oz
Sample value: $18.38

DDF - Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer ($85/1.7 oz)
This high-tech moisturizing serum fills in pores and wrinkles for instantly smoother skin, while peptides and vitamins provide long-term anti-aging benefits.

Sample size: 0.23 oz
Sample value: $11.50

Eve Lom - Cleanser and Muslin Cloth ($80/100 ml)
The balm-like cleanser gently purifies and tones skin, while the matching finely woven cloth exfoliates without causing irritation.

Sample size: 5 ml
Sample value: $4.00

per-f├ękt Beauty - Lip Perfection Gel ($24/10 ml)
Part tinted gloss and part moisturizing lip treatment, this multitasker has you cover on all fronts.

Sample size: 0.05 ml
Sample value: $0.12

Luna - LemonZest ($18.75/15)
These zesty snacks are a goop fave.  They're perfect to keep you full in between meals (plus they can double as a healthy dessert!).

Sample size: 1 bar
Sample value: $1.25

Total box value: $35.25

My box this month included a seriously miniscule lip gel sample, a tiny cleanser sample, and cruddy "lifestyle extra," and two reasonable samples.  I do look forward to trying out Chantecaille mascara and the DDF pore minimizer; however, both of these products are so ridiculously expensive that even if I flipped over how amazing they are, I would never purchase them myself.  Seriously, who pays $42 for a mascara?!  I suppose if they're wonderful, I'll enjoy the samples while the samples last.

If you received an October Birchbox, what did you receive/think?


  1. Oh gosh, I can't help but laugh at that lip gel. I mean, are they serious? They would have been better off not even including it. Birchbox has really gone down hill lately, it's so disappointing.

    I live in PA and because of that (I think) I almost always am one of the first people to receive my Birchbox. This month, however, it's taking forever. Fingers crossed the wait will be worth it!

    1. Last month I didn't get my box until after the 20th. This month I received my box on the 9th, but didn't receive my shipping email until the 10th. I don't know what's going on with them!

      I agree about Birchbox going down hill. I've always had a bad box here or there, but it used to seem that at least every other box was really great. Now I've had bad box after bad box. It's unfortunate because they have such great potential. I feel like they spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong things and not enough time making sure they're sending out a quality and consistent product to every member each month.

  2. I'm a UK reader and am subscribed to a UK beauty box called Joliebox. They've just teamed up with Birchbox so I'm worried the boxes will go downhill now! x

  3. I could not agree more with the lackluster products of late. My October Goop box contained the Jouer lip enhancer, Keihl's rose arctica eye balm, Illume red cedar candle, 2 tiny packets of Goop, a serum and moisturizer, and a Luna Bar. There is nothing at all to rave about...totally frustrating!
    I sent Birchbox an email about my feelings, and I am waiting to hear back. If the samples aren't going to be better than the last few months, they can keep their service, and I can get my samples from Sephora, Nordstrom and Ulta.

  4. Hi Amy! I just came across your blog and had to comment because I can't agree with you more! I received the same small gloss sample and DDF sample in my September Birchbox! I have yet to receive my October box, but I'm scared to see what I'm going to get. I signed up for Birchbox in April, so I'm fairly new, but I chose the Goop box because the only decent box I have received was the month I chose the Vogue box (don't remember exactly what month that was) much as I love receiving my box every month due to the excitement of seeing what I may get, I'm highly considering cancelling my subscription because I'm usually just let down.

  5. My October Birchbox is similar to yours - I couldn't find the spoilers for the month (which shows all the pics of all the different boxes going out). But, I think I got one of the sucky ones.

    Products we both got: the masacara and the Luna bar (same flavor). Then I got two foil packets of some sort of anti-aging cream, the Orofluido sample, and a very small sample of DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer.

    I canceled once because my boxes had been getting crappier and crappier. After I canceled, I saw reviews from people who had all these neat things in their boxes. When Kara's Way went away, I went back to Birchbox.

    Now I see other people's boxes that are super great, and mine have still been full of foil tear-aways and miniscule samples.

    How do people get "the good" boxes? Because there are a few of them out there.

    I'm glad to see others are disappointed. For the most part, all I see are rave reviews of Birchbox - and personally, I don't get it!

  6. I was seriously disappointed with my birchbox this month too. I had been getting great boxes for the first six months, but the past 3 months have been 'meh' at best. I keep seeing a ton of repetetive items.. and I got absolutely nothing I liked in this months box. A candle (why?) a luna bar (don't like them) eye wrinkle cream (I'm 23..) sunscreen (It's OCTOBER!) and lip plumper crap (dislike). I've heard a lot of disappointed reviews this month, and I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm very close to canceling my sub.

  7. Agreed! I'm haven't even gotten mine yet, but of course, cheated and looked at what I was getting- and already want to cancel. I have a shoe-box full of 'foil packet' samples... The only good thing I've gotten recently has been some nail polishes. I just signed up for ipsy (previously myglam)... we'll see if they can impress more. All my friends that use it say that the sizes are much better, and they vary their product more. Good luck everyone!

  8. I'm actually still waiting for my Birchbox for this month. Thankfully, the items in the box were updated since I received the notification so there's more than just tea and lip treatment.

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