Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nail of the Day: OPI Casino Royale & The Living Daylights

natural light, two coats

Today's manicure features two polishes from the OPI Skyfall collection that released last October.  I'm kind of obsessed with plum/berry polishes at the moment and, though I have several in my collection, I couldn't resist picking up Casino Royale a couple of months back.  I also purchased a glitter from the collection, The Living Daylights, as I was really drawn to it's unique combination of teal, copper, gold, and silver glitter.

I've worn this combination a few times and figured it was about time I share it on the blog.  I'm usually not that drawn to most OPI collections, but I really enjoyed the sophisticated shades of the Skyfall release and thought the colors were perfect for fall/winter.

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  1. Amy, I really like the plum color on your nails. Thanks for the post. Are you going to review Feb GlossyBox?

    1. I will definitely be reviewing my February Glossybox, just as soon as it arrives. Their shipping is different from most of the other subscription services. They usually don't ship the boxes for a given month until on or after the 20th. Therefore they don't arrive until the very end of the month or beginning of the next. I haven't received my February box yet, but when I do I'll have a review up the same day or next!

    2. Great! I have to say that I recently got interested in GlossyBox and your reviews are one of the best I could find online. Now I want to subscribe to all of the boxes you write about! Can I use your referrals? How are the referral systems work for all of these boxes - maybe you can write about it if you have time :)

  2. You can certainly use my referrals, if you wish! Most of the subscription services offer little perks for referring friends (some are better than others).

    Ipsy currently doesn't offer any sort of referral link/system, but I do really recommend them. I think they're my favorite service at the moment as I find you usually get the best bang for your buck with their bags.

    Glossybox does offer a referral link and a point system that you can use to accumulate points which you can redeem for a free box. They have the worst reward system, in my opinion, because it takes A LOT of referrals, reviews, etc. before you ever earn a free box. You must accumulate 1000 "Glossydots" before you earn a free box. For each referral, you receive 50 Glossydots, and for each review you complete on a product you received in a box, you earn 20 Glossydots. As you can see, it takes a lot of effort to earn a free box with their point system.

    Overall, I'm pretty thrilled with the reward system that Birchbox offers (and, honestly, it's one of the main reasons I stick with them because overall I'm usually pretty unhappy with my boxes from them). You can earn points with Birchbox that can be put towards purchases in their online shop. For each friend you refer, you receive 50 Birchbox points. Each month you can review each of the items you received in your box (usually 4-6), and for each review you receive 10 Birchbox points. Every 100 Birchbox points can be redeemed as $10 to spend in their online shop. I always make sure to review every item I receive in my Birchbox. I tend to like to accumulate my points and then wait for one of their better promotions/coupons and then I make a purchase in their shop. Back in September, I redeemed $60 worth of points I had accumulated over many, many months and stacked that with a 20% off promotion they were having and I was able to purchase a Clarisonic Mia and it only cost me $35 (they retail for $119). I really think their point system is fantastic, especially since you can redeem your points on any of the vast products they offer in their online shop.

    Lastly, the referral and reward system with Julep Maven is another one of my favorites. They offer what they call "Jules" which are points you earn in a few different ways. From the Julep website, "You earn 1,000 Jules for referring a friend to Julep Maven, 300 Jules for each full priced Maven box you are billed for, 200 Jules on your Birthday, 500 Jules during your Anniversary month, and 750 Jules when you pay for the monthly upgrade box. You even get Jules just for becoming a Maven!" So, for each friend you refer you receive 1,000 Jules. When you earn 2,000 Jules, they can be redeemed as a free monthly Maven box.

    I hope that explains the different referral and reward systems of the subscriptions services I'm subscribed to! If you'd like to try any of them out and do want to use my referral links, you can simply click on the name of the subscription service in this comment (I added my referral links there to make things easier).

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