Friday, March 1, 2013

High Five for Friday

1. Something about whipping up a batch of adorable cupcakes makes me so happy.  These Chocolate Grand Marnier Cupcakes were a recent creation, but I'm already dreaming up ideas for future flavors.  The hubby and I are in love with the White Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes from a local bakery (the same bakery that made our wedding cake in the same flavor), and I've make it a goal to try to recreate the cupcake as closely as possible.

2. I've toyed with the idea of purchasing a camera bag from Jo Totes for quite a while.  They're honestly way outside the price range I'm normally comfortable spending on a bag, but because I don't currently have a way to protect my camera (and thus rarely ever take it anywhere), I figured the price would be worth having such a multi-functional bag.  I ordered the Missy bag in Mint this week and I'm so excited for it to arrive.  Now I've just got to break my shyness about taking photos of things in public.

3. Another purchase from the week, this time initiated by the hubby.  While relaxing in bed a couple of evenings ago, the hubby pulled up this 5.5 Quart Cuisinart Dutch Oven on one of his favorite deal sites.  It was a bargain and the reviews were fairly spectacular.  I've wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven for years but never thought I'd own one because they are so stinkin' expensive.  I'm excited to have such a great kitchen work horse and I look forward to all the roasts and braises and stews I can make in this beautiful oven.

4. My 400 Follower Giveaway ended and Lori (entry #47) was announced as the winner.  Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to Lori!  I hope to have another giveaway in the near future.

5. Last night I made myself a Vermontucky Lemonade.  It made me long for summer and the idea of hosting outdoor parties where I can serve festive cocktails like this one in little mason jars.  We have a lot of work to do to get our backyard in shape for entertaining (it's entirely lacking furniture and decor), but I really want to make it happen this year!  My birthday is in June and I dream of throwing the most darling outdoor ice cream social.  Hopefully that will be the motivation I need to do some sprucing up out there.

*I'm linking up with Lauren of From My Grey Desk!  She's gorgeous and wonderful and you must check out her blog if you don't already follow her.  I was inspired by her clean and darling H54F layout and modeled mine after hers.

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  1. Congrats on 400! That bag is adorable! I'm a new follower from the linkup.




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