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November 2013 Sweet Taste Trunk

November 15th came and with it another irresistibly sweet Taste Trunk.  If you're curious to see what I have received over the past few months since subscribing to Taste Trunk in July, you can browse my previous posts here.

Each month Taste Trunk offers four main trunk themes: the Gourmet Trunk, the Health Trunk, the Sweet Trunk, and the BBQ Trunk which each retail for $29/month (plus $5.99 shipping) and include "5-10 products, discount coupons, backgrounds on companies and amazing recipe ideas."

Additionally, they recently added two new options: the Mini Sweet Trunk and the Mini-Healthy-Sweet Trunk which both retail for $13/month (plus shipping) and include "3-5 handpicked items from our favorite brands."

My November Sweet Trunk included six decadent items from four different brands:

"Creamy coconut is blended with bittersweet chocolate and chocolate liquor to create a luscious dessert sauce and dip.  Undeniably rich, warmed and drizzled over ice dream or crepes filled with fresh fruit.  Divine as a dip for pretzels."

I'm thrilled to have received this sauce/dip.  I haven't tried it out yet, but I really enjoyed the mustard I received from this brand in my September Gourmet Trunk, so I'm expecting good things.  I think this will be a handy product to have in the pantry for entertaining as I imagine this would be delicious in a million different uses!

Amella Caramels - Gray Sea Salt Caramels in Milk Chocolate ($9.00/2.8 oz or 6 pieces)
"Our Milk Chocolate covered caramel is made by hand with raw blue weber agave nectar in place of corn syrup.  The secret ingredient is pure cocoa butter.  It creates a unique consistency, like a caramel and truffle hybrid.  Lastly, we sprinkle them with Sel Gris, a Gray Sea Salt hand harvested off the coast of Brittany, France.  Your taste buds will find the silky texture and decadent flavor impossible to resist."

These are really delicious!  The caramel is especially smooth and silky and the contrast of the gray sea salt is glorious.  These has a truly artisan taste and texture.  Just delightful.  I think I'll be nice and even save one for the hubby.  Maybe.

Funky Chunky - Chip-Zel-Pop ($6.50/5 oz)
"Sweet and salty, chewy, crisp and crunchy.  Chip-Zel-Pop!  An incredible marriage of flavors which will keep you wanting for more.  And more.  Made with all-natural ingredients - crisp potato chips, pretzel sticks, and buttery caramel corn.  Our artisans then drizzle thick caramel and dark, milk, and white chocolaty drizzle."

What a fun snack!  Whole chips, pretzel sticks and pieces of popcorn are each drizzled in chocolate and caramel, so every bite is a different experience.  These are a nice sweet/savory mix, though they definitely learn more sweet as they are very generously drizzled with chocolate.  I'm saving these for our next Walking Dead/American Horror Story/HIMYM viewing.

Donsuemor - French Almond Cakes ($1.70/2 cakes)
"French Almond Cakes, or, as they are known in France, are elegant little cakes with the rich and nutty taste of sweet almond.  Soft and moist with crisp edges--a "Donsuemor signature"--these elegant treats are made with the finest quality."

Haven't tried these yet.  I'm not the biggest fan of whole or slivered almonds (neither is hubby).  I may set these out for guests to help themselves to.

Donsuemor - Dipped Madeleines ($2.81/3 madeleines)
"Donsuemor madeleines are elegant little French cakes with distinctive shell shapes.  Rich and buttery with a unique flavor and texture--soft and moist with lightly crisp edges--they are made with the finest quality, all natural ingredients."

These are good but nothing special.  They texture is a little dry and the chocolate dip is pretty low-quality.  To me these taste like something you'd pick up at any ol' grocery store in the cookie aisle.  Honestly not impressed.

Donsuemor - Lemon Zest Madeleines ($1.73/3 madeleines)
"Donsuemor madeleines are elegant little French cakes with distinctive shell shapes.  Rich and buttery with a unique flavor and texture--soft and moist with lightly crisp edges--they are made with the finest quality, all natural ingredients."

These Lemon Zest Madeleines have a better (more moist) texture than the Dipped Madeleines, but, again, don't really wow me.

Total value of my November Sweet Taste Trunk: $29.34

For the first time, I'm slightly disappointed with the contents of my monthly Taste Trunk.  I really loved the first three products and thought they were unique, high quality, and very tasty.  The three offerings from Donsuemor were a disappointment, however.  In presentation and taste, they just didn't seem up to the quality that I've grown to expect and appreciate from Taste Trunk.  I think the month would have wowed if the value/place of the three Donsuemor items had been replaced by something with more uniqueness and quality.

I was excited to see this card included among the info and recipe cards in my Trunk this month...  Taste Trunk will be offering One-Time Christmas Trunks for holiday gifting!  Order by December 5th and you (or your recipient) will receive the single trunk of choice by December 20th.  I think Taste Trunk would be a fantastic, unique holiday gift for any foodie in your life!  Every truck is packaged beautifully and would make a perfect present.  In addition to gifting, this is such a great way to try out one month of the service for yourself with "no strings attached."

If you would like to try Taste Trunk, you can save 25% on your first trunk with the code "winsomegirl25" which will bring your cost down to $21.75 (plus $5.99 shipping).  If you do decide to sign up, please kindly provide my name (Amy Kelly) as your referral during checkout.

*Full disclosure: I paid for the Taste Trunk subscription with my own money.  I receive no benefit if you use the discount code Taste Trunk provided me to share with you.  I am, however, an ambassador for the company and receive a very small commission when new members enter my name as their referral during checkout.

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