Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Date Night

Last week the hubby and I spent an evening at the Lexington fair. Having never been to a fair, I had a My Girl-esque image in my head of what to expect: bumper car rides, corn dogs, and winning goldfish. While the hubby and I spent an entire evening at the fair without riding anything (I have a tendency to get bad headaches from most rides and the $10 it would have cost us to ride the Ferris wheel seemed a bit much), we had quite the time.

Smiling lovebirds on the way to the fair.

We shared an orange cream custard in a waffle cone, a funnel cake, and a cheese steak.
Fair food is delicious, definitely an integral part of the experience.

I fell in love with the lights.

One last photo to remember the fair by as we were leaving.

My first fair experience came and went. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the modern take on the fair. Rides were outrageously expensive, and every game cost $10 to $20-the sweet goldfish prize had been replaced with gas cards and PS3's.

I was tickled at the hubby who took every opportunity to use the word "carnie" in his sentences. Adorable.

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