Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yarn and Cowls and Cozy Things

I have been searching around for the perfect yarn to purchase for use in my first knitted cowl. I once felt suri alpaca yarn in a store and it was heaven! I found some baby suri alpaca and merino wool blend in the loveliest colors here.

I am trying to decide between these three colors:




Aren't they all so beautiful? I think the Seamist is simply gorgeous, while the Snow and Fog are fantastic neutrals. The thing is, I am needing a new wool coat sometime (mine has seen better days) and I find it hard committing to a color without knowing what would look best paired with the coat.

I am very much a beginner knitter. I only learned the basic garter stitch last winter at a short little knitting workshop at my college. I have been meaning to practice and teach myself some new stitches but haven't had the time. With Thanksgiving approaching-and a lengthy trip to spend the holiday with family of the hubby-I find myself presented with a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with my needles. I am planning on attempting a very, very simple cowl. A straight tube essentially, in the stockinette stitch. I have done a little research and am fairly certain I know how to go about the task. Since I am going for a very large, loose cowl I have a feeling the project will be very forgiving. I look forward to having a luxurious, warm new winter accessory for my long walks to and from campus.

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