Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Business Cards

In preparing for Mayfest I realized I only had about 100 of the 500 business cards I ordered last summer left. Time to order more! While I still like my old business card design, I felt I had outgrown it a bit. The photo I used was of an old design, one I make back in 2007 when I first started designing jewelry. I felt I needed something a bit more colorful and current. Since I have been crazy busy with end of the semester papers and finals, I didn't have time to take any new photos specifically for business cards. I have a lot of photos of my designs that I love, but I took them all with Etsy in mind, and while Etsy photos are best viewed if they are square, business cards are more rectangular. Therefore I couldn't decide on one specific business card design that I completely loved. Instead I decided to ordered 250 each of two different designs.

Click to enlarge.

I have never designed a vertical business card before, and while I think it looks interesting, I am definitely more drawn to the traditional horizontal layout. The front is a photo of my Bee's Knees Necklace, which I just adore. The back is just the usual, information about me and my business, where to find me, etc.

Click to enlarge.

This definitely covers my preference of the traditional business card layout. While I love the Last Leaf Earrings featured on the card, I think the colors are a bit too bland. I want a business card that really stands out and grabs your attention, one you remember and want to hold on to. I always keep business cards that I find particularly unique or pretty and I strive to design one with a distinct look that others will want to keep. I have gotten many compliments in the past on my old business card, I hope the new ones will be well received as well.

I look forward to getting these in the mail. I hope they are as beautiful as I've dreamed. I purchased enough to last me through the summer, maybe a bit longer, but I look forward to finding the time to really sit down and take the perfect photo and create my dream business card.

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