Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out With the Old, In With the New

I am such a sucker for clothes and fashion, but for a number of reasons have never really been able to indulge in my love. So many of my clothing choices the past four years have been based on what's cheap and practical for walking to and from class in the wind, rain, snow, etc. Now that I am about to graduate I am excited to be able to think beyond practicality and pick prettier pieces for my wardrobe. I am very much a believer in quality over quantity (though you wouldn't know it by my closet these past few years).

I have been rather self conscious lately trying to represent myself and my business. It's difficult when you create such beautiful, feminine designs yet feel your personal look is falling apart. When I first started college I wore cute skirts nearly ever day and always made an effort to look nice. Then the past couple of years just haven't been the same. I am so excited to refresh my look!

In the next month I would like to go through all my clothes and get rid of things I don't wear anymore. I have so many things I bought on clearance throughout the years that I never worn or only wore a time or two as I never found the perfect place for them in my life. I found a local consignment shop I'm going to try to sell some of my new and unworn clothes to. I would be so happy if I could clear out the things I don't wear, perhaps make a tiny bit of money from them, and make room for some beautiful new pieces. I'd be perfectly happy if I never owned another t-shirt in my life.

I was sharing all this with my mother recently and she insisted that I buy myself something nice. I found this beautiful blouse on sale on Kiyonna.com and had to have it.

I love the simple, non-fussy feminine details. The color is absolutely gorgeous and I have a feeling it will compliment my fair complexion well. The pearl earrings I designed for myself for my wedding will be stunning with it! According to the tracking information, it should arrive on Friday, which means I would wear it Saturday or Sunday for Mayfest. Perhaps I'll get a photo of myself wearing the top and earrings this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful blouse!
    It's funny, i was thinking similarly looking at my drawers full of unworn clothes this morning.
    I definitely need a good chuck out!
    Make sure you get a picture of your new top!


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