Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fairy Tales Come True Necklace

This is absolutely my favorite design I have created to date. This necklace is one of a kind and can be worn two ways. The design features a vintage 12k gold-filled Catamore carved rose brooch, a 12 carat micro-faceted pink chalcedony pear briolette, and freshwater pearls. The findings are all 14k gold-filled.

This is my favorite option for how the necklace can be worn, with the brooch placed vertically going up the necklace chain. I love the soft colors and feminine shapes of the design.

This is the second option for wearing the necklace, with the brooch turned horizontally. Also gorgeous!

I have the necklace displayed on my dress form in my studio and every time I pass it, I stop and stare. I want so badly to keep the necklace for myself, but the hubby would never allow that. And besides, I don't have a dress to wear that would do the necklace justice.

Look at the gorgeous facets of the pink chalcedony. They bestill my heart. I wish I had created something like this for myself for my wedding. It is insanely feminine and romantic.

I am planning on taking this design with me when I visit a fantastic local boutique full of gorgeous designer dresses. Every time I drive by said boutique, my heart skips a beat as I view all the lovely frocks in their pretty, pretty window display. It is a dream of mine to have some of my designs carried there.

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