Sunday, July 5, 2009

Festival Update

The Lexington Fourth of July Festival went well, not super great, but well. I had very high expectations from the event as I had heard that 150,000 visitors were expected. The day started out great as the weather was lovely, but by 2pm the rain had rolled in and by 4 everyone had left due to pouring rain and we decided to pack up early and leave. No point in staying out in the cold rain, ruining my display when there was no one around to buy anything anyway. There was also a parade that lasted an incredible 1.5 hours during which time no one moved from the street to shop. Considering the 3+ hours that were lost due to the parade and weather, it wasn't an awful day. I made more than enough to make the day worthwhile, however, I do not think I will sign up for the event again next year. I was located in Triangle Park with other juried artists (everyone else was located up and down various adjacent streets) and, from what others said, there were significantly fewer juried artists than previous years. I counted seven total artists in Triangle Park (five of which were selling jewelry), which was quite a low number. Usually the park is full of venders. There were actually spots of both sides of me reserved for venders who never showed up. I was disappointed to see that many of the non-juried tents were "information" booths and folks reselling various junk. Overall the festival was a big disappointment. I was however thankful as I was set up for the day more than an hour before the festival offically began. I used that time to take plenty of booth photos. I also wandered through the entire festival and bought some unbelievably delicious Kentucky Cream Candy.

Various photos of my display:

I spent the evening with the hubby. We met for the first time/had our first date on the Fourth of July two years ago. We had dinner at Logan's Roadhouse, where he had taken me for lunch on that day before. We had a super sweet, low key evening together.


  1. your setup always looks so cute!!

  2. Thanks, Chanel! There is still so much I would like to do to perk it up a bit, but I am fairly satisfied with how it looks for now.


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