Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have loved the look of the these floating bookshelves since I first discovered them at the Curiosity Shoppe almost three years ago. These genius little gems are designed by Ezra Waltermaurer of Little Fish Furniture. Their quirky design are perfect little conversation pieces and make the ideal shelf to display any of your favorite flowers or knick-knacks. I just love them!

I have been wanting to try my hand at creating a few of these bookshelves myself. I found a tutorial to create a similar look of a stack of books. For those who aren't so craft savvy, you can find the books for sale at the Curiosity Shoppe or directly though Ezra's Etsy shop.

Wouldn't they look sweet with a little vase of billy buttons?


  1. There is another way to do your own shelf like this, and it doesn't require destroying a book! There are specially designed brackets that clip to the cover of a book to make it appear as though the book and the ones on top of it are resting against the wall unsupported.

    They sell them at Barnes and Noble.

  2. Thanks for the source! That's fantastic, and so easy. I have also figured out (at least in theory) what hardware to use to hang a single book as a shelf like the one above. I definitely want to place a few of these around my apartment... that is if my plaster and lath walls can support them. ;)


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