Monday, November 2, 2009

Dreaming of Green

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With the days getting shorter and the weather being dreary and raining more often than not as of late, I have been craving sunlight and greenery. I have fallen in love with the idea of filling my apartment with sweet little living accents.

I am dying to take on the project of creating a few little terrariums for my apartment. I love the fact that you can use almost any glass container to create a unique, one of a kind accent for your home. Craftzine has a great tutorial for how to create a mason jar terrarium. There is also a fantastic video on Design*Sponge by the folks at Sprout Home which shows how to build and care for a terrarium. I'd love to create a few in sweet little mason jars as well as some in more elaborate apothecary jars. I love how to can make them look wonderfully serene or totally kitsch by adding a few little plastic gnomes and deer. There are so many great tutorials and tons of inspiration online for those who are interested in creating their own terrariums. And for those who like a less hands-on approach, this Etsy seller has some fantastic terrarium creations for sale.

Another little project I'd like try is growing paperwhites. From the tutorials I've seen, like this great one from John & Sherry at Young House Love, they are incredibly simple to grow! You can grow these gorgeous flowers in anything from water to rocks to potting soil. And even more fabulous is that they thrive indoors in the winter. I will definitely be testing out my green thumb on these beauties soon.

What are your favorite ways to add a little life and color to your home?

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