Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Black Friday Purchases

I wasn't originally planning to make any Black Friday purchases this year. That is until I read via Etsy Forums that the ever popular Dennis Anderson was participating in the Black Friday madness. I casually clicked over to the Anderson Soap Company shop and that is where I found these three items that I simply could not resist!

Vanilla Bean Solid Perfume! I mean, seriously, how could I resist? Every time I bake with my unbelievably decadent Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, I am always so tempted to just splash the stuff all over myself--it smells so divine! If it weren't for the hefty price I pay for the good stuff, I probably would. Don't judge.

Then I found this Turkish Mocha Body Butter and, of course, it got added to my cart as well. I love anything coffee scented. My husband is going to strongly regret this purchase--he despises the smell of coffee. The winter cold and all the dishes I wash (our apartment sadly has no dishwasher) has left my hands quite dry. I am hoping this rich body butter will provide the moisture I need to keep my hands happy this winter.

My final purchase was a stick of the Sweet Orange Luscious Lip Balm. I typically only use Burt's Bees lip balm, but I make an exception every now and then to try different handmade lip balms. I think this Sweet Orange will be lovely.

I can't wait to receive all my new body products from Dennis Anderson. I love being pampered, don't you?! Do you have any bath or body products you swear by?

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