Wednesday, January 27, 2010

...For a Rainy Day

With all the rain we got recently (I mean, seriously, it rained for like two weeks straight) I came to discover that my umbrella was either misplaced or was left somewhere last time I used it. I really don't mind rain all that much, but I really don't enjoy getting drenched--especially in winter when the rain is freezing! Thus I have umbrellas on the brain. I cycled through some inexpensive but relatively cute umbrellas during college. My last umbrella, however, was solid black and just a wee bit boring. How cute are these umbrellas? I would love to have any of them, but am particularly fond of the first two. I sort of crave colorful cuteness when the world is dark and bleak. I think these are so cheerful and would make a journey out into the rain an adventure!

All are from Umbrella Boutique.

And when I return home from my rainy little adventures, I'd like to place my wet umbrella in one of these adorable stands!

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