Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pushing Daisies

The hubby and I have been watching Pushing Daisies for the past month. Aside from being one of the sweetest shows I've ever seen, the sets are always wonderfully whimsical and the styling is absolutely brilliant. Charlotte Charles, aka Chuck, is almost always in the most adorable retro-inspired fashions. Her 1950's style dresses are my absolute favorite. If I had unlimited funds I would switch my entire wardrobe to feminine 1950's silhouettes, cozy cardigans and girly heels and flats.

This yellow floral dress is one of my favorites from the entire series! I love the print and the fantastic voluminous skirt!

This slightly more casual look is also at the top of my favorite Chuck looks. I absolutely adore the combination of soft sherbet shades. That cardigan is seriously to die for! If I remember correctly, I think this outfit was paired with simple but charming white ballet flats. I could wear this look every day!

The sets for the show are truly amazing! I am head over heels in love with Olive Snook's kitchen! While it would probably drive me crazy to have so little counter space (baker's need room), the over-the-top feminine colors melt my heart. Olive's place make me a little sad I never had my own apartment (I went straight from the dorms to getting married) to decorate with all sorts of girly knickknacks and whatnots.

The hubby and I are almost finished watching the series, but I know I'll return to it time and again if only for all the eye candy.

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