Monday, January 11, 2010

Ring Love

I'm a big fan of delicate, whimsical rings. Unfortunately I have yet to dive into the world of metalsmithing, but I look forward to the possibility of one day creating some beautiful rings of my own. In the mean time I thought I'd share some of my favorites!

The first three rings are all designed by Alex Monroe who has the most amazing, whimsical line of jewelry you could ever dream of! Alex Monroe is by far my favorite jewelry designer and I would totally die to have a small collection of his work some day. While I absolutely adore everything he designs, his rings are some of my favorites. They are delicate but have such a unique, eye-catching whimsy!

I am also very fond of slim, simple stack rings. I love the look of a sleek, hammered ring. Stack rings are fabulous as you can wear one, a few, or many! I love the way they look when different metals and finishes are paired together.

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