Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oui, Darling

This necklace was one of the fruits of my studio time yesterday. It's currently one of a kind, but I'm planning to order more "Oui" charms and make this a staple design. I find the simplicity of the design refreshing. The antique brass "Oui" charm dangles from an antique brass chain along with a vintage teal flower cabochon and a gleaming white freshwater pearl. It's delicate and a perfect accompaniment to the feminine spring dresses we are all dying to pull from the depths of our closets.


  1. I love it! Do you have shows coming up soon?

  2. I love this necklace!!! I swear, I need a bank account just to manage my jewelry addiction!

  3. Candy, unfortunately my next show is Mayfest, unless I sign up for something between now and May.

    Megan, I totally understand! I dream about the day when I have more money to shop.


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