Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vintage China Love

As promised, I'm back to share photos of the gorgeous vintage china and napkins I purchased at Street Scene yesterday. This set of eight cups and saucers (with matching lace-edged napkins no less!) caught my eye immediately and I was hooked. I would have been heart broken had I not purchased the set. And the price was fantastic! I love the unusually large size of the cups, they would be perfect to serve everything from coffee to soup to ice cream to homemade granola, in this case. Honestly, I will be eating anything and everything possible out of these gorgeous cups! I am absolutely crazy about the cheerful blue and green rose pattern. It's feminine without being overly sweet, if you know what I mean. This set really makes me want to have an outdoor dinner party with a table full of gorgeous blue and green and white accents.

The vintage china is always my biggest weakness when I visit Street Scene. With my current kitchen situation (we hardly have ANY cabinet space), I really shouldn't be building a collection of vintage china. However, sometimes there are some pieces that I just can't pass up. Thankfully my jewelry has been selling like hot cakes at Street Scene, so I don't feel quite so naughty when I treat myself to a little something when I stop in to replenish my stock.

Unfortunately there are no markings on the china so I have no clue the age or maker of the set. I'd love to know if the pieces were part of a larger set. I would kill to have a whole set of china with this gorgeous rose print. If anyone knows anything about this particular set or knows of any great resources for researching china, do tell!

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