Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneak Peek

I thought I'd share some sneak peeks of new designs which I'm saving to debut at Mayfest. The first necklace above is one design of many that will be made in this same style. I will be offering this design in 14K gold-fill (as shown) as well as sterling silver in various color combinations. Different color roses will be paired with beautiful freshwater pearls in a few different shades. The chocolaty brown freshwater pearls used in this particular necklace are so rich and warm and gorgeous! I think this particular color combination would be so dreamy on someone with a golden complexion.

This next design is one of my luxe pieces featuring freshwater pearls and gemstones. I have paired a gorgeous smokey quartz briolette with a gorgeous cluster of freshwater keishi pearls. I have meticulously connected each and every keishi pearl to the delicate sterling silver chain with handmade (by me) fine silver head pins. Each pearl is securely connected so this beautiful cluster will last a lifetime and beyond.

I really love this design as it pairs two of my favorite materials to work with: smokey quartz and freshwater keishi pearls. The bridal earrings I designed for my wedding featured a gorgeous cascade of these same keishi pearls, so they have a special place in my heart. I adore the way center-cut keishi pearls are like little abstract flowers. When they are top drilled, they look like little rose petals. I am crazy about their uniquely organic shape and their gorgeous nacre.

I'm am planning on designing a pair of matching earrings to make the necklace part of a set. I think it would make a beautiful, sophisticated gift for Mother's Day.


  1. They are beautiful, I especially like the second one!

  2. Oh my word, the smokey quartz and freshwater keishi pearls are exquisite! Absolutely breathtaking piece. You do have quite the eye, my friend!


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