Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Desk Inspiration

I am absolutely crazy about this desk makeover from Liz at say YES! to hoboken. I love the clean white top with the wood--reminds me of John and Sherry's mid-century dresser makeover. As I mentioned back in November, I have been planing to refinish my mid-century hand-me-down desk for a while. I've been busy and time has gotten away from me. Now that the hubby and I will likely be moving sometime in the next few months, I figure it'll be best to wait until we're settled into a new place before I tackle refinishing my desk. I was originally planning to paint the entire desk white, but seeing these two-tone pieces lately has been pondering a different look. I'm sure I'll wait and see how I want to decorate my new studio space before I settle on a new look for my desk, but I definitely think I'll end up utilizing this two-tone look in one of our furniture pieces.

Another thing about Liz's desk that I love? The IKEA jars next to that big spool of red and white baker's twine. I actually have almost the exact same setup on my desk. Three IKEA jars (one of the four in my set was broken and I didn't notice until I got home with my loot) holding vintage buttons, and a huge spool of baker's twine. Though I'm afraid mine aren't as artfully displayed.

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