Friday, April 2, 2010

In the Studio

I thought I'd share another version of the In the Garden Necklace which I shared in my last post. I love the soft femininity of the pale pink rose paired with the white freshwater pearls. It's so sweet and romantic.

I've been insanely busy building stock for boutiques, Mayfest and my Etsy shop (which is utterly neglected these days). My studio is an insane mess and it's driving me a bit bonkers.

{It actually looks worse since I've taken this photo. Oh dear!}

This is what my main work table looks like right now. My mind gets all foggy and I get cranky when things are messy, so this is a real problem. I have so many pieces in progress and others that are finished and waiting to be carded and/or labeled. I need to take 15-30 minutes to go through and put away any stray materials and get things a bit organized. I know I'll feel much more calm after a little organizing.

I've been so preoccupied with work lately--often I'm in the studio until 2 or 3am--that I haven't gotten to dive into any cute Easter baking. I was planning to make some flower topped petit fours and individual versions of this cake for Easter dinner, but it looks like I may only have time for the cakes. Maybe I'll be naughty and make time for both on Saturday.

...But maybe not. This weekend, in addition to everything else, I'm actually working on some pieces to send off to Kentucky Bride magazine for them to potentially use in a photo shoot for the upcoming issue. I actually had the joy and honor of being included in their Fall 2009 issue. I'll be sure to share if any of my pieces make it into the upcoming issue!

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