Friday, August 20, 2010

Morning Kitchen Vignette

I had been using a loaner stove this past week as we waited for our range to arrive (there was a mix up initially and our builder's supplier brought the wrong range). This morning, bright and early, our door bell range and there was our shiny new range! We actually received a different refrigerator and dishwasher than we picked out/paid for, but they were upgrades from what we had chosen (our fridge is absolutely amazing, but that's a different post). The range we received today was also a free upgrade from the one I picked out. My new range has 5 burners and a convection oven with 6.0 glorious cubic feet of space and 4 oven racks, just waiting for me to bake a ton of delicious treats! I couldn't be more excited about my new kitchen!

I'm growing to absolutely adore the color scheme of my kitchen. When I was dreaming of my future home, my head was full of pictures of white cabinets, butcher block counters and sweet candy colors. Now that I'm in my neutral-colored space, I'm really starting to love it. I'm planning on working in lots of white ceramic accents (such as the egg crate and creamer in the vignette) and throwing in a few punches of complimenting color. I really like the way the coral pink of the macarons in the print pop with the copper cookie cutter. I think these pinks add just enough color while still complimenting the neutral palette. Eventually I'd like to do a huge wall of photos in my kitchen behind where our table will go. I'm thinking lots of baking-related photos, mostly in muted neutral tones and maybe a few hints of color thrown in for interest. I really look forward to growing into the space and breaking it in with dinner parties and gatherings. I really feel at home here.

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    I just wanted to make sure you got my email about winning the Shabby Apple giveaway at A Field Journal. I sent you an email at an address I found on your etsy page - let me know if that works or email me with a better address at which to contact you (I'm giving your email to shabby apple so they can set you up with the dress of your choice).

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