Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moved In!

{Please ignore our dead grass, we'll be getting new sod once the temperatures calm down a bit.)

Well, last time I wrote I excitedly shared what I thought was our closing date. Unfortunately the day before we were supposed to close, the underwriter came back requesting more documentation and our closing got pushed back several days. It was inconvenient and a lot of stress, but fortunately we finally got to close on our first home this past Friday. We moved in on Saturday and things have been splendid!

In the past few days I have gotten my kitchen unpacked and organized, done about 10 loads of laundry in my brand new washer and dryer, enjoyed the blessings of a having a dishwasher, and felt utterly pampered in my new shower. I absolutely LOVE our new home and am beyond excited about our future here. I look forward to dinner parties and gatherings, cookouts and celebrations. We look forward to sharing our home with friends and family. I really love it here.

I've been busy with work the past few days, trying to get in some last minute preparations for the Woodland Art Fair this weekend. Once things calm down a bit next week, I plan to get more unpacking done and spend a lot of time puttering around in my new kitchen. I haven't really cooked or baked all summer due to the heat, but now that I have a huge kitchen and air conditioning, I'm beyond excited to be back in the kitchen. I hope to share photos of my kitchen and a few other pictures of the house soon!

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