Monday, January 14, 2013

January 2013 Birchbox

My January 2013 Birchbox was another so-so box for me which, as of late, is honestly the best I can hope for from Birchbox.  Most of my samples this month were miniscule, but at least the products themselves weren't terrible.  I'm thrilled to try theBalm Put a Lid On It Eyelid Primer, so the box has something going for it.  The nail polish is a nice inclusion as well.  I'm not thrilled about the color, but I don't hate it and I certainly don't have any polishes in my massive collection like it, so that's a plus.  I was really excited to try the Harvey Prince perfume after reading the note description.  I immediately sprayed some on my wrist and within the hour developed a terrible headache.  I can be very sensitive to perfumes, but in the past I've only noticed perfumes with musk notes to give me headaches.  Apparently Skinny Chic, despite not having any musk notes, doesn't agree with me.  It's a shame because I really do think the scent is lovely.  I've actually tried the Ojon serum in the past.  I didn't notice it did anything spectacular for my hair and I had to be very careful with the amount I used if I wanted to avoid greasy-looking hair.  The Fresh face cream samples don't excite me, honestly, but they'll be nice to keep around for traveling or trying if I run out of moisturizer.

My January Birchbox included the following samples:

Alessandro - Nail Polish in Blue Lagoon ($12.00/0.34 oz)
Launching exclusively for the Birchbox Shop, this extra opaque polish has a satiny formula and wide brush for easy application.

Sample size: 0.17 oz
Sample value: $6.00

Harvey Prince - Skinny Chic perfume ($55.00/50 ml)
Get a glass-half-full disposition with this optimistic blend of juicy Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, and pink plumeria.

Sample size: unknown (about 2 ml)
Sample value: unknown (about $2.20)

Ojon - Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum ($25/1.7 oz)
Repair stressed strands with this aromatic hair treatment-exotic ojon and macadamia oils work together to smooth and hydrate hair.

Sample size: 0.07 oz
Sample value: $1.03

theBalm Cosmetics - Put a Lid On It Eyelid Primer ($18/0.4 oz)
Keep that pretty eye shadow crease-free with this stay-put primer, which also prevents smudges and smears.

Sample size: 0.125 oz
Sample value: $5.63

Fresh - Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream ($42/50 ml)
With antioxidant-rich lotus flower extracts, this lush moisturizer protects skin from free radicals and hydrates for a full 24 hours.

Sample size: 4 ml
Sample value: $3.36

Total box value: $18.22

Overall, I really wish the sample sizes were larger.  I'm really happy to have received theBalm eyelid primer and look forward to giving it a try (up until now I've only tried a couple variations of the Urban Decay Primer Potion, so I'm excited to have another product to compare).  January certainly wasn't a terrible month, but I do feel like Birchbox leaves something to be desired lately.

What did you receive in your January Birchbox?


  1. I agree, Birchbox has been a huge downer lately. How many tiny samples of obscure creams do I need? Lucky you getting a nail polish though, I've only gotten 2 polishes (in nearly a year) and both were tiny metallic-y gold Color Club samples. Fantastic, doesn't color club retail a full size polish for $3-4? High end indeed.

    1. Agreed! I seem to get anti-aging or heavy moisturizers almost every month and I'm 25 with super oily skin. It's disappointing. When Birchbox first launched they claimed to send out 4-5 deluxe size high end samples. Now I feel like we get foil packets and cheap polishes. If it weren't for their great point system for their shop, I'd probably have cancelled ages ago.

  2. This is the same box that I am receiving. I felt like this was one of the best boxes this month, which doesn't say a lot for Birchbox.

    XOXO Tiffany

  3. I received the same box. It wasn't the best box I've ever received. I think Nov. was my best so far. It's hit or miss, but if you can earn their bonus points it's worth it for the free products.

    1. Their great point system is the main reason I stick around! I always make sure to review every product I receive for the points. I was able to purchase a Clarisonic Mia from Birchbox a few months ago using saved points and a coupon and it only cost me ~$30 out of pocket.

  4. Maybe consider changing your beauty profile and see if that helps. I have very sensitive skin and have only ever received one face cream. I love the skinny chic perfume, sorry it gave you a headache!

    1. Unfortunately they have fairly openly stated in the past that they really don't take the beauty profiles into consideration when sending out the monthly boxes. I've changed mine a few times in the past (all while sticking with honest answers) and I've never noticed a change in what I received. I agree it's a shame about the perfume giving me a headache, because it does smell LOVELY.

  5. I tried Birchbox for a few months and was generally disappointed so I stopped my subscription. I recently started getting packages from ipsy and am much happier with the products themselves and the size of the samples.

    1. I totally agree! Birchbox has been a huge disappointment for me this past year. I doubt I'll cancel anytime soon for a few reasons, but as far as subscription services go, it's my least favorites of the ones I'm currently with. Ipsy is by far my favorite at the moment! I do think Birchbox has better branding and feels more luxe, but undeniably, the quality and value of the products you get from Ipsy is above and beyond what you receive with Birchbox. There is just no comparison.

  6. I'm still waiting to get my January box but I agree with the recent months being just so-so. If February doesn't improve I may have to cancel!! Thanks for the review! :)

  7. At least you got a really pretty blue polish! I got the same eye primer, a tiny shampoo, a tiny moisturizer, another Juicy sample, and some foil packets. January was definitely a big downer. :(

  8. I changed my profile twice, but still got enough anti aging samples to sink a ship. I miss getting my pink box every month, but I finally called it quits after too many months of disappointment. Oh well.

  9. Interesting... I really liked my birch box this month. I had Frownies Eye Gels (for puffiness), Viva La Juicy scent sample which I like (and my daughter likes even more!), a matte moisturizer (nice sized sample), the eyelid primer and also a Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray. I'm new to birch box though - so maybe once I get a few months, I won't be as thrilled.

  10. please check out my blog! it'll mean so much to me!!!

  11. I live in the UK and this month the first Birchbox has been sent out after its take over of Joliebox. I am indecisive into whether to subscribe as I come across very varying reviews. It will be interesting to see how the products vary over the next few months though!


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