Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 2013 Glam Bag

The January 2013 Glam Bag was my third bag since signing back up with Ipsy (formerly MyGlam).  The past three months, I have been nothing but happy with the products I've received!  Ipsy has consistently sent out generous samples that are varied and interesting.  Each bag typically consists of mainly well-known high end products, with one or two more obscure high-end brands and/or drugstore products.  If you're looking for a subscription service to try, for a reasonable $10/month, Ipsy would be my top recommendation at the moment.

My January 2013 Glam Bag included the following samples:

Pacifica - Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter ($7.00/2.5 oz)
Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter is not only a highly effective antioxidant rich moisturizer that nourishes the driest of skin and helps fight off the signs of aging; it nourishes your other senses as well. The infusion of sparkling, juicy blood oranges that are highlighted with notes of red raspberry and spicy sweet Italian Mandarins take you to the beaches of the Mediterranean.

Samples size: 2.5 oz
Sample value: $7.00

Big Sexy Hair - Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray ($17.50/10.6 oz)
Your everyday spray for BIG volume!  Spray & Play is a humidity resistant, flexible hold hairspray that provides fullness, lift and incredible shine!

Sample size: 1.5 oz
Sample value: $2.48

Nailtini - Straight Up Color Nail Lacquer in Frappe or Bloody Mary ($13.00/0.5 oz)
You can't go wrong with a classic, all the way to your fingertips.  These two are the all-time best selling Nailtini nail lacquers.  Whether the glossy true-red of bloody mary or the hint-of-pink of frappe, your tips and toes are classic perfection anytime.

Sample size: 0.5 oz
Sample value: $13.00

Josie Maran - 100% Pure Argan Oil ($48/1.7 oz)
This 100% Pure Argan Oil is a legendary oil that's rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and grown organically in Morocco.  With its multitasking benefits, Argan Oil can be used for many areas including hydrating and nourishing skin as a daily moisturizer, skin treatment, treating slit ends, and softening cuticles.

Sample size: 0.17 oz
Sample value: $4.80

SOHO - Concealer, Eyeliner, or Crease Brush ($7.99/each)
Brushes featuring a tri-grip handle that fits perfectly in the hand.

Sample size: 1 brush
Sample value: $7.99

Total bag value: $35.27

A little detail of the lining of this month's Glam Bag.  I'm thrilled about the Pacifica body butter (this stuff smells amazing!), Big Sexy Hair hairspray, and the Josie Maran Argan Oil.  The concealer brush seems nice as well.  The only slight disappointment for me this month was that I received the Frappe shade of Nailtini lacquer.  It's a completely sheer pink, along the lines of what is used for a French manicure.  I don't really care for sheer polishes, but it might come in handy for days I need a natural but polished look.  The Bloody Mary shade some subscribers received looks lovely!  Overall, another fantastic month!


  1. Really like your blog and etsy items!
    Here is my blog:


  2. I received the Frappe color too. It was kind of a let down after seeing the red polish for so long.

  3. Wow, this is just $10 the same price as Birchbox? It looks way better when you compare the items in your two reviews. My first Birchbox is on the way in the mail, but after seeing what you got in yours I'm lowering my expectations.


    1. Indeed, same price ($10/month)! I used to really love Birchbox. In the past I more frequently would receive larger samples and full-size products from them, but lately it's very, very rare (and often times when I do get something full-size, it's not a shade or product I would even use). Compared to Birchbox, Ipsy is sooo much better (in my opinion) with providing nice sample sizes and far more full-size products. The value of my monthly Birchbox contents are usually around half the value of my monthly Ipsy bags, and they're the same price. In my opinion, if you're only looking to subscribe to one company, Ipsy is the way to go. I do think Birchbox caters better to an older, aging crowd and those who are crazy about trying different skincare products each month. But if you're looking to try more makeup and would prefer larger samples, Ipsy, Ipsy, Ipsy. :)

    2. Yeah, the sample sizes in your Birchbox looked so puny compared to Ipsy. Plus, I would be more likely to use all the ones in Ipsy--that body butter looks nice! I was looking for a subscription box to gift to a friend, and I'm going to go ahead and go with Ipsy! Your blog is really cute, by the way. I'm going to subscribe right now. :)

  4. I got everything that you got in yours except my brush was a eyeliner smugger brush! This was my first bag from Ipsy and i loved it! Thanks for recommending it! I think i may like this even more than my glossy box! Also i wanted to say thanks for emailing me back so quickly last month, when i asked you about glossy box! It was great that you took the time to write back!

    1. Jen, I am SO happy to hear you loved your first Ipsy bag! I hope the rest continue to thrill you. :)


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