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The March GLOSSYBOX was Spring Fling themed, "Spring is everywhere, and here at GLOSSYBOX we couldn't be more excited!  For us, it's all about renewal - updating your look, refreshing your skin.  To help you shake off winter, we've designed an array of delightful springtime beauty."  Well, I think GLOSSYBOX is a little wishful in their thinking when they claim "spring is everywhere" when much of the country, including my neck of the woods, is still experiencing frequent snow.  I'm longing for spring as much as the next gal so I'm looking forward to some fresh, fun spring products!

My March GLOSSYBOX included five samples from makeup to skincare and haircare and one "gift certificate."  Overall it was a pretty diverse box, which I typically appreciate.

I received the following samples in my March GLOSSYBOX:

Elite Models - Intensity Eye Pencil in Secret Grey ($14.00/.04 oz)
This ultra soft and creamy eye pencil from France ensures there will be no tugging involved when you achieve the perfect eye line.  Its waterproof and long lasting formula can withstand the most extreme of climates, which will definitely come in handy as the weather warms up.

Sample size: .04 oz
Sample value: $14.00

This eyeliner is creamy, opaque, and sets fairly quickly to a smudge-proof finish.  The shade I received, Secret Grey has a really lovely, subtle shimmer and a medium grey tone that can be easily layered to achieve an almost black boldness.  The quality seems great and I look forward to wearing this!

Koh Gen Do Cosmetics - Oriental Plants Emollient Cream ($123.00/1.06 oz)
This rich, moisturizing face cream melts into skin, protecting and nourishing it from dryness.  It is a well-kept secret for fresh dewy skin that contains vitamin A and botanical extracts, which leaves your skin feeling sooth and looking radiant.

Sample size: .28 oz
Sample value: $32.49

I'm always skeptical of expensive facial creams.  Especially after the $225 facial cream from my January GLOSSYBOX proved nothing special, I really have doubts that any pricey facial cream is that special (at least for someone my age who doesn't have aging skin concerns).  This cream has no scent and a very light texture.  I haven't applied it to my face yet, but when rubbed into the back of my hand, it absorbs almost immediately and, honestly, doesn't seem very moisturizing.  The lightweight texture may end up being lovely for someone with oily skin like myself, but I'll have to give it a proper try to see.

ModelCo - Cheek & Lip Tint in Rosy Red ($24.00/10ml)
This cheek and lip tint provides the right amount of color for a natural rosy flush, just in time for spring!  This gel formulation leaves you with "just pinched" cheeks and sexy, lightly stained lips.

Sample size: 10ml
Sample value: $24.00

When I first saw the vibrant pink color of the packaging, I was a little nervous about this tint.  However, the actual color proves more warm and rosy and less hot pink.  I find the tint very sheer, almost annoyingly so.  It takes a few coats to really show an obvious flush.  However, for those who have trouble working with cheek stains, the sheer, buildable coverage might be the perfect, user-friendly formula.

Prestiche - Essential Oil Bar Soap in Green Machine ($16.99/125 g)
This bar soap is made from the highest quality all-natural ingredients, which are hand selected by seasoned botanists, herbalists and cosmetic gurus.  It will soothe even those with extremely sensitive skin, as it contains rich essential oils and vitamins that work to leave skin soft, refreshed, and aromatic.

Sample size: 54 g
Sample value: $7.34

First of all, let me just say that the label on this soap is misleading.  The sample is not 125g as shown on the label (it's actually 54 g).  That aside, the scent isn't my favorite, but the ingredient list looks promising so I'll give this a go to see what I think.

In addition to the soap, there was also a $40 Prestiche "gift certificate" included in my box.  The $40 can be redeemed toward anything on their website; however, it cannot be applied toward tax and shipping (which is a steep $12), so I couldn't consider it a true gift certificate since you're still required to cover some costs with any purchase made.

Sebastian Professional - Shaper Fierce ($17.00/10.6 oz)
From unkempt bed heads to high-fashion chignons, this shaping spray provides buildable, flexible hold while maintaining a high-shine gloss - a definite must-have for keeping your fashionable 'dos in place.

Sample size: 1.5 oz
Sample value: $2.41

Not much to say about this hairspray since I've yet to give it a try.  I'm not a huge fan of firm hold hairsprays as they tend to weigh my fine hair down and actually cause curls to fall flat faster.  I do like them occasionally for updo's so I'll give this a go for that.

Total box value: $80.24

{A heavy swatch of the Elite Models Intensity Eye Pencil (left) and the ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint (right).}

Overall, I'm on the fence with this box.  I really could do without the soap and facial cream; not really excited about those.  The hairspray is a whatever product for me - I'll definitely use it but don't expect to be wowed by the firm-hold formula.  The eyeliner is pretty and is fairly unique among the ever-growing collection of eyeliners I've accumulated.  As for the cheek + lip tint, I'll have to play around with that a bit more to see how well it works on my skin.  Would I have paid the $21 subscription cost of the box had I known the products I'd be receiving?  Definitely not.

What did you think of your March GLOSSYBOX?

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