Monday, April 15, 2013

April 2013 Glam Bag

The April 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag was "Pretty in Pink" themed with "a bouquet of amazing {pink} beauty products waiting just for you.  Create a look and blend them with your favorite pastels and bright hues for an original and exquisite start to your very own version of spring beauty!"

Two Cosmetics Duo Eye Shadow in Heartache (left) and Be a Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks (right)

My April 2013 Glam Bag included the following products:

Sation - Nail Lacquer in Love at First Byte ($5.00/0.5 oz)
Sation Nail Lacquer is a contemporary beauty company, infusing a creative direction in nail care through a blend of lifestyle aesthetics.  The collection features 120 colors from its seasonal & limited collections.  Glam Bag subscribers will receive Of Course I'll Call You, a romantic lavender-rose OR Love at First Byte, a light peachy pink.

Sample size: 0.5 oz
Sample value: $5.00

Unfortunately I'm not at all a fan of the "light peachy pink" polish I received.  It's incredibly sheer (which I don't care for in any polish) and the peachy color doesn't flatter my skin tone at all.  I'll definitely be passing this polish on to a friend.  This shade reminds me a lot of the sheer pink polish I received in my January Glam Bag, which I also wasn't fond of.

Big Sexy Hair - Powder Play ($15.95/0.53 oz)
Get 'POW' volume in an instant with Sexy Hair's Powder Play!  Powder Play adds instant volume to any type of hair style or texture.  Weightless, odorless, and colorless!  Instantly liquifies when applies and adds volume and texture in seconds.  Just sprinkle on dry hair at the root for life and volume.  Apply throughout the hair for extreme volume and texture.

Sample size: 0.07 oz
Sample value: $2.11

This is a product I've been wanting to try for a couple of years now, so I'm thrilled to have received it in my Glam Bag.  I've tried a drugstore dupe, the Got 2b Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder, and have enjoyed using it for a while.  Products like this are great for adding lots of volume for updo's without needing to do a lot of teasing (and they can help make a little teasing got a long way).  I'm excited to try the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play and can only imagine that I'll love it more than the cheaper drugstore alternative from Got 2b.

Two Cosmetics - Duo Eye Shadow in Heartache ($5.75/full size)
Two Cosmetics blush pink duo eyeshadow in Heartache is suited for all skin tones & complexions in two finishes.  The shimmer side is fabulous for highlighting the brow bone, tear duct or cheeks.  The matte side is great for blending, or for use as a blush or an all over the lid color.

Sample size: full size
Sample value: $5.75

I haven't tried this product out on my eyes yet, but I'm a little apprehensive about wearing such bold pink colors around my eyes.  I'm not sure how flattering the look will be on someone like myself with an already pinky complexion.  From swatching the shadows, the pigmentation seems nice, though the matte pink shade is a little chalky.  I imagine these colors would be pretty worn on the cheeks, but since the size of the product is so tiny, I can't see using them with a blush brush as being very practical.  I'm not sure how I feel about Ipsy sticking to such a literal "Pretty in Pink" theme, including pink eyeshadow which seems so very impractical for most ladies.

Be a Bombshell - Blush in Sweet Cheeks ($16.00/5 g)
A highly pigmented pressed powder blush that highlights the complexion and provides long lasting color.  Can be used both as a blush or a bronzer.  Glam Bag subscribers will receive Beach Please, a bright matte pink OR Sweet Cheeks, a medium rose pink with shimmer.

Sample size: full size
Sample value: $16.00

This is a pretty blush with nice pigmentation.  I do wish I had received Beach Please, the bright matte pink over Sweet Cheeks, the medium rose pink with shimmer.  I already own at least 2-3 blushes almost identical to Sweet Cheeks, so I don't see myself getting much use out of this one (especially since I almost exclusively wear matte blushes as I find them for flattering on my oily, acne-prone skin). That said, this still seems like a lovely product and a great value for having received the full-size product.

Total box value: $28.86

Honestly, this is one of my least favorite Glam Bags to date.  This is just a matter of personal preference with shades.  I won't be getting much use out of most of these products though I am thrilled to try the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play.

Swatches of the Be a Bombshell Blush (left) and Two Cosmetics Eye Shadow Duo (middle and right).

What did you think about the April Glam Bag?

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