Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 2013 Birchbox

The May 2013 Birchbox theme was "beauty diaries."  From your morning routine (sunrise yoga or snooze button and espresso) to your ice cream preferences (classic vanilla or rocky road with all the toppings), you've got a style and personality all your own.  This month's Birchbox is about you: the order in which you try your products, your daily routine, the techniques you've mastered.  We want you to spill big-time--consider it your beauty-tell-all.

My May Birchbox included the following samples:

Joie - Folle de Joie eau de parfum ($98/3.4 oz)
For its debut scent, the chic fashion brand created this carefree mix of mandarin, rose, and sandalwood.

Sample size: 0.06 oz
Sample value: $1.73

I think this scent will be a nice summer evening fragrance.  It's a lot more bold and warm than what I typically wear, but I find it very pleasant.  It's a lovely mix of citrus, floral, and woodsy notes.  It's sophisticated while still being playful and youthful.

Klorane - Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($18/3.2 oz)
Beloved by celebs, this award-winning formula adds tons of texture and helps revive second-day styles.

Sample size: 1.06 oz
Sample value: $5.96

Dry shampoo is an absolute must-have product for me.  I have my favorites (Lush's No Drought and Batiste), but I'm always excited to try others.  I'm curious to try this formula since it markets itself as being "gentle."  I'm a bit skeptical of the price though; with incredibly oily hair and bangs, I go through dry shampoo rather quickly and I tend to prefer mine to be a bit more modestly priced.  This one from Klorane is $18 for 3.2 oz (which from my experience would only be enough product to last me a couple of weeks tops).  All that said, I'm really happy to have this sample to try and I've been meaning to pick up a small bottle to keep in my purse so this is PERFECT!

Supergoop! - Daily Correct SPF 35 CC Cream ($32/1.6 oz)
This next-generation CC cream provides corrective coverage and triple protects against UVA, UVB, and infrared-A rays.

Sample size: 0.1 oz
Sample value: $2

This will be the first "CC Cream" that I've tried.  I've tried numerous BB Creams and have a favorite that I use often as my foundation.  Unfortunately this product is much too dark for my skin (despite having received the "Light to Medium" shade--the lightest of the two offered); however, if I blend it throughly it sort of disappears into my skin.  At the same time though, it then provides absolutely no coverage.  This product would be more of an under-foundation sunscreen/primer for me rather than something I would use alone for protection and coverage.

Vitivia - Pro:Vitamin Capsules ($55/28 capsules)
Smooth these nifty single-use capsules on your skin.  Filled with brightening vitamin C or antiaging vitamin A to soften, they renew and repair skin.

Sample size: 6 capsules
Sample value: $11.79

I'm really curious to see what these humble looking capsules can do for my skin.  I received three of the Vitamin A capsules, which are intended to be used in the evening and claim to refine pores, smooth fine lines and reduce skin inflammation.  I also received three of the Vitamin C capsules, which are meant for use in the morning and claim to reduce hyperpigmentation while fighting wrinkles and age spots.  I definitely have a need for pore refining and reduction of hyperpigmentation, so I hope these will work for me.  I'm a bit shocked that the cost per capsule/use is almost $2.  These little capsules better work miracles!

Extra: Pilot Acroball PureWhite Pen ($6.24/4 pack)
We want our pens to be just as stylish as our accessories, which is why we love Pilot Pen's latest innovation, the new Acroball PureWhite hybrid ink pen.  Acroball PureWhite offers vibrant ink colors and all the smoothness of a gel ink pen with none of the smudging or smearing.  Plus, the color-blocked grip is comfy, on-trend and comes in a variety of gorgeous shades--this is no ordinary scribblers.

Sample size: 1 pen
Sample value: $1.56

I forgot to snap a photo of this pen.  I received the "African Violet" shade which is a fun and pretty.  I'm not overly excited about receiving an ink pen in a beauty box, but it's cute and practical so I appreciate that it's something useful.  Along with the pen, a coupon for $1 a 3, 4, or 5 pack was also included.

Total box value: $23.04

Overall I'm not especially excited about any of the products I received this month, but I'm not disappointed either.  I don't particularly feel like these products fit the "beauty diaries" theme, but I find the monthly themes are usually a little pointless since almost all the products are cycled out to different subscribers month after month.

If you received a May Birchbox, I'd love to know what you received and thought about your box this month!  Leave a comment below with details and/or a photo of your box!


  1. I wasn't to impressed with my birchbox either. I have a birchbox linky party, if you get a chance, please link up your birch box. http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/05/birchbox-may-2013.html

  2. This month's box was kind of a bummer. I feel like I got things that were left in an office drawer after a coworker leaves. Usually there's at least one thing I look forward to trying - this month they're all a "pass".

  3. Omg! I got totally different things in my May birchbox. I thought we all got the same items. I definitely loved the black eyeliner that came in mine. It's seriously long lasting. And I've tried that dry shampoo. It's great! (: But I saw your other posts on the glambag, had me seriously thinking about subscribing to another monthly bag haha (:

    Come take a look at my blog. I often post things about my monthly boxes too! (:


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