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The June 2013 American Beauty GLOSSYBOX was curated by fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw.  The American Beauty GLOSSYBOX features some of Dallas' 'favorite new beauty products culled from beloved American brands, all manufactured in the United States.'

For this special edition GLOSSYBOX, Dallas created a fierce and gorgeous illustration of the "Glossy Girl" to grace the lid to this month's box.

My June 2013 GLOSSYBOX included the following items:

c. Booth - Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist ($8.00/4 oz)
Elegant, nourishing oils absorb quickly into skin to smooth and soften while providing hydration.  This dramatically lightweight dry oil for face and body imparts a light, lasting glow for instant radiance.  Infused with a gentle, sweet blend of honey and almond, it's the ultimate aromatic indulgence for the skin and senses!

Sample size: 2 oz
Sample value: $4.00

With the first ingredient of this dry oil mist being a silicone and it containing a number of dyes and well as fragrance, this is certainly not a product I would ever use on my face.  The scent seems fairly mild and pleasant and it seems to dry fairly quickly on the skin.  I'll probably use this on my legs throughout the summer to hydrate them and add a little glow.

Oscar de la Renta - Essential Luxuries ($150.00/3.4 oz)
Inspired by the designer's mastery of fashion, Oscar de la Renta introduces a tailored line of six unique scents imbued with his love of beauty and luxury.  Comprised of specially sourced ingredients of the most exceptional quality, each fragrance echoes the lose connections to Oscar's vibrant life and loves, and perfectly speaks his language--find joy, be sparkling, feel gorgeous.

Sample size: unknown - maybe around 6 ml
Sample value: unknown - approximately $8.82

While I'm not crazy about receiving perfume samples, I think it was generous and clever for GLOSSYBOX to send a sample of each fragrance from Oscar de la Renta's Essential Luxuries line.  Each sample comes with a spray, which I prefer and find incredibly convenient.  I'm not sure how much product each of these samples contains since the packaging is opaque.  They don't feel or sound very full, but I imagine there is enough product in each sample for at least a couple of uses as these scents are very powerful.  Of the six samples, from a quick sniff, I think I may like 2 or 3 of them.  For the most part they are a little too overpowering for my taste and I can tell some of them would cause me a migraine if I wore them.

Philip B. - Styling Gel ($6.00/2 oz)
Philip B. products revitalize every type of hair while evoking a warming, cooling or refreshing sensation and delivering glossy, radiant hair.  The brand's botanical products cater to a broad range of hair types - dry/damages, colored/chemically treated, thinning/volumizing, wavy/curly/frizzy, flat/very fine, flaky scalp, oily and normal.  You will receive one Philip B. product in the box.

Sample size: 2 oz
Sample value: $6.00

I'm pretty bummed to have received the Styling Gel from this range as I absolutely never use gels on my fine, straight hair (that I prefer to be silky and touchable).  From the variety of products I've seen other subscribers receive, this is the one item that isn't something I would have used.

SpaRitual - Favorites Nail Polish ($12.00/15 ml)
SpaRitual offers a wide range of fun, sophisticated and modern shades to help you express the most colorful side of you.  The nail lacquers are crafted out of naturally formulated, vegan, certified-organic and fair-trade ingredients, resulting in superior texture and quality.  Colors will vary.

Sample size: 15 ml
Sample value: $12.00

I received the shade Whirlwind Romance, a sheer pink shimmer with a slight blue duo chrome.  Honestly, I hate sheer pink polishes.  I especially am not a fan of the blue duo chrome in Whirlwind Romance.  Something about this shade feels a little old and mature for my taste.  I'll probably pass this along to a friend who will get use out of it.

Tarte - Complexion Enhancing Lipstick ($14.50/0.12 oz)
Get total lip therapy in a beautiful nude shade that uniquely you!  These creamy lipsticks have a glossy, tinted core that gives the appearance of fuller-looking, luscious lips.  Thanks to complexion-enhancing pigments and emollient waxes, lips have never appeared more youthful.

Sample size: 0.12 oz
Sample value: $14.50

The Tarte Compexion Enhancing Lipstick comes in two shades: one for "Fair-to-Light" skin tones and one for "Medium-to-Tan" skin tones.  I'm a bit disappointed that I received the shade "Medium-to-Tan" considering I'm very fair.  GLOSSYBOX continues to disappoint me by clearly disregarding the information in my beauty profile.  Fortunately I do still like this lipstick shade and find it flattering on myself, despite it not being the shade I should have received based on my profile and the purpose of the product.

{A close up and swatch of the Tarte Complexion Enhancing Lipstick in Medium-to-Tan}

Total box value: $45.32

Overall, I'm pretty disappointed in this month's curated GLOSSYBOX.  While I do like the color and texture of the Tarte Lipstick, the other products were misses for me.  Had I received a different Philip B. product and a different shade of the SpaRitual polish, I probably would have been happier with my box.  The types of products sent out this month weren't bad, I just wasn't thrilled with the particular selection sent to me.

I'm curious to know, if you subscribe to GLOSSYBOX, do you find they send you appropriate products based on the information from you beauty profile?  I am constantly sent darker products than anyone with my fair skin tone should receive, which is utterly frustrating.


  1. Any chance you'll use the gel at all? I understand gel is not the friend of a girl with straight hair, but ladies with a hot mess attached to their head like me are good friends with gel. It helps define curls and reduce frizz, even if it makes hair rock hard. I'm curious how well it would tame the frizzies.

    1. I may try it one day when I'm not particularly worried about having a bad hair day (just in case it's a disaster on my hair). I do get a lot of frizziness in my fine hair, especially on humid days, so I'm curious about it's frizz taming capabilities. I'll let you know what I think if I do give it a try.

  2. I completely agree wiht your assessment of glossybox disregarding beauty profiles. I recieved the fair shade of the lipstick and my profile is marked as medium. So its not as though they just sent everyone the same shade or something its just that they just dont check profiles. The light shade isn't anything special either, it looks like nothing on my lips, there's almost no pigmentation. Overall this month I was pretty happy though, I got the leave in conditioner and a pretty shimmery ruby red shade of polish. I feel for you though! I've received far too many pointless pale pink shades of polish from various beautyboxes that end up in the trash because I can't even give them away!

    1. Yes! This is my third sheer pink/peachy pink polish from a subscription box this year and I have hated every single one. Such a waste. :(

  3. I just canceled my account, and one of the major reasons was their constant disregard of the beauty profile I completed. I have at least three times received a mattifying skin product from glossy box and I made it clear in my beauty profile that I have DRY skin. It frustrates me because two of those times it was one of the only full size products in the box, and I couldn't even use it! I too received the medium/tan shade of the Tarte lip product, and I too have what I call light to medium skin. It isn't particularly flattering on me, although I could see it looking nice on tan skin. I have had a similar problem when they send me tinted products, like the amore pacific compact stuff and a BB cream that I got back in December. I don't know why they bother to have you complete a beauty profile at all if they just send you whatever. This was the last box I will receive from them. I feel like the value of the boxes just keeps going down and down and the products less useful for me. I honesty signed up for this to try brands I was interested in, not receive junky teensy samples not even for my skin type largely from brands I've never heard of or have no interest in trying. When I first started getting boxes, I was pretty happy and found some great items I never would have tried without Glossybox, but the last 4-5 boxes I hardly even touched after initially looking through them. I think for that price, there are way better subscription services out there and Glossybox will need to step it up if they want to keep their subscribers. I would rather take that $22 and put it aside every month, then buy myself something really special that I want at the end of the year... I think about how much money the 9 months I've been subscribing has cost me, and how many products I have actually used out of the boxes, SO not worth it. For all that money I spent, I could have gotten a few Dior or Chanel palettes, or had a shopping spree at MAC... I finally just couldn't justify it any longer :(

    1. I couldn't agree more. I have been on the verge of canceling for months. Funny thing is a month or two ago, when I first heard about this American Beauty collab box coming out, I was excited thinking it would be great. Big disappointment. At first I was happy/impressed with the products GLOSSYBOX was sending out, but as time goes on I feel like the bulk of the products we get are out of season products from old collections, etc. that really aren't that current. Then we get quite a few obscure products and products from cheaper brands. Every now and then they throw in something fresh and exciting, like the Tarte lipstick, but sort of ruin it then even by sending out the wrong shades.

      $21 a month is a lot of money I could put towards other boxes I may love (I just signed up for a brand new foodie box that I'm really excited to try) or save and use towards makeup products I really want and will love.

    2. I am curious to try the Beauty Bar Sample Society box. From what I have seen it seems to contain products similar to what Glossy Box has been sending in size/quality, but it is only $15/month and they give you a $15 gift card toward a $50 purchase from the Beauty Bar website, so that sort of pays for your box if you decide to place an order. I have heard good things about Beautyfix from DermStore, and the really great thing about their service is you actually get to select the products you want from a fairly large list of useful products, but the price tax of $49 is off putting (even though it is only sent once every three months). I also am really tempted to try Ipsy, the bags seem like a good value now that they are no longer Glam Bag. The only thing stopping me is that I REALLY dislike Michelle Phan and I know this is her empire. Although I like the concept, I think for the moment I am going to take a break from sample subscriptions.

    3. I've never tried Sample Society. I looked into it in the past and, for whatever reason, I didn't find it very appealing. I have, however, done Beautyfix before (I did it one time when I had some coupon that made it $20 or $25) and loved the ability to pick your products. I ended up with over $200 of products that I received; however, I agree that I wouldn't be willing to spend $50 on the service. I have also tried the New Beauty Test Tube from QVC once before when I liked the majority of the products offered (again, the decision for that purchase was because I could see everything I would be receiving before buying it).

      I think, for me, the thrill and enjoyment of beauty boxes is wearing off now that I've been subscribed to so many for so long. My collection of makeup has grown a ton and now I don't as often get new products that are of as much use to me anymore now that I have found products I favor and prefer. I think I'm at the stage where I'd rather pass on the random thrill and save the money to put towards more expensive products that I know I'll love.

      I just canceled my GLOSSYBOX yesterday, though, to be honest, I may pick it back up month to month if any of the sneak peek products really draw me in. I've learned that since I signed up they now offer fairly frequent discount codes for new/returning subscribers, so I felt kind of annoyed paying $21 for each month when newbies were getting theirs much cheaper.


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