Monday, September 23, 2013

My Lash Bash: a Girly, Glam Brunch and Makeup Party with Benefit Cosmetics and Ipsy

{The invites I created and sent out to the girls.}

This weekend I had the honor and joy of throwing a Realvolution Lash Bash courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics and Ipsy.  I entered and won the opportunity to throw the Lash Bash for myself and 9 girlfriends which included a generous offering of gorgeous makeup from Benefit!  Today I wanted to share some details from the party (including Instagram photos, the DIY decor, and recipes I made), and I'll return with more posts later this week focusing on the specific makeup products I was sent from Benefit for the party.  So be sure to check back later for photos, swatches, and mini reviews of all the Benefit makeup!

When I found out I had been chosen to host one of the Lash Bash parties, I immediately knew I wanted to throw a girly, glam brunch.  I thought it would be fun to get some of my girl friends together for brunch (because what lady doesn't love a good brunch?!), mimosas, and makeup!  I wanted to theme the party around the fun of primping and getting ready for the day.  I served up a big buffet of hot/cold, sweet/savory breakfast items, had my Keurig going for hot coffee/tea/cider, and offered Lemon and Cucumber Spa Water, Elderflower and Rose Sparkling Lemonade, and Make Your Own Mimosas.

I made a Savory Sausage and Cheddar {Breakfast} Bread Pudding, Garlic Herb Cucumber Bites, served store-bought croissants with homemade Raspberry Butter, offer a fruit and yogurt parfait bar with mixed berries, honey-sweetened yogurt, vanilla almond granola, candied pecans, and local honey, and served up massive slices of Cream Cheese Coffee Cake.  The food was a huge hit (many of the girls going back for seconds)!

We began the party with brunch/girly chit-chat and then began playing a few fun games (for which I had thrown together some prize goodie bags with a few of my favorite makeup/beauty products).  After all the food and games we jumped right into swatching and applying the gorgeous Benefit makeup, including the They're Real! Mascara of which each girl was generously provided a deluxe sample.

It was so much fun throwing such a girly party and introducing my friends to some of my favorite Benefit products.  In addition to making almost all the food for the party from scratch, I also DIY'ed a lot of the decor as well including tissue paper pom poms, tissue paper tassel garland, and cards to label each dish on the buffet.

I stuck with a white/pink/gold/silver and pops of black color scheme for my Lash Bash to coordinate with the decor and products that Benefit had sent for the party.  The food and decor where a huge hit with my girl friends and everyone had a fabulous time!  I couldn't have been more thrilled to have been chosen as a Lash Bash hostess as I love to throw a good party and I couldn't be more obsessed with makeup.

Another huge thank you to Benefit Cosmetics and Ipsy for choosing me as a Lash Bash hostess!  I can't wait to share details of the Benefit makeup with you all...


  1. Great post! I am planning a brunch makeup party and found your post quite useful!


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