Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 2014 Birchbox

The Birchbox philosophy for January 2014 is Go Time.  "This year, we're flipping resolutions on their head.  Forget giving things up--in 2014, we're taking on more: more things to try, to conquer, to integrate into our lives.  New products--in the form of this month's samples--are just the beginning."

I was really excited to see some fresh, new-to-Birchbox brands in this month's box!  Having been subscribed to Birchbox for nearly three years and a few other beauty subscriptions along the way, I've gotten a little exhausted seeing the same brands repeated time and again, month after month.  Seeing a fresh new selection of products for the start of 2014 is exciting!

My January 2014 Birchbox included the following samples:

100% Pure - Fruit Pigmented Mascara ($18.00/0.24 oz)
All-natural lash-conditioning wonder that thickens and lengthens with real fruit pigments.

Sample size: 0.1 oz
Sample value: $7.50

I've heard great things about this mascara recently from a couple of beauty YouTubers.  I was excited to see it included in my box this month!  I haven't tried this out yet, but the formula looks incredibly black and it smells delicious (like blackberries).

Fekkai - Brilliant Glossing Créme ($19.99/4 oz)
Rich in olive oil, this creamy frizz-tamer gives strands all-day shimmer.

Sample size: 1.6 oz
Sample value: $8.00

I've wanted to try a few products from the Fekkai range for some time.  I always use some sort of leave in conditioner/oil/etc. for adding softness and preventing frizz.  I'm looking forward to trying this out; it has great reviews, so I'm sure I'll love it!

Nail Rock - Nail Sequin ($7.00/0.34 oz)
The UK brand's two-step system for the world's brightest disco-ball mani.

Sample size: 0.34 oz
Sample value: $7.00

I think this product is a really fun concept.  I'm not the biggest fan of wearing a full glitter mani (I tend to prefer cream polishes with the occasional subtle glitter accent nail), so I'm not sure I'll get much use out of this.  However, I am intrigued by the Nail Velvet offered by the same line.  At only $7.00 for the polish/velvet set, I'm considering adding that to my next Birchbox shop purchase.

Paula's Choice - RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum ($26.95/1 oz)
Water-based antiaging serum that normalizes skin and tightens pores.

Sample size: 0.17 oz
Sample value: $4.58

I'm thrilled that Birchbox is now carrying some of the Paula's Choice line!  As I've shared before on the blog, I cannot live without the RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA.  I have not tried the RESIST Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum before and am thrilled to have the chance.  It's water-based and light enough for those with combination and/or oily skin, which is perfect for me.

Ahmad Tea London - Assorted Teas ($7.00/40 bags)
Beat the winter chill with tasty blends from a Buckingham Palace-approved British Brand.

Sample size: 3 bags
Sample value: $0.53

I'm not the biggest tea drinker.  I do love chai and fruity herbal teas, but I'm always curious to try other teas to see what else I may enjoy.  I love that Birchbox included three different flavors to try as this month's Lifestyle Extra.  Looking forward to brewing a cup later today!

Total box value: $27.61

Overall, I'm really happy with my box this month!  I'll probably end up passing the Nail Rock on to a friend, but all the other products are fantastic and products I'm genuinely thrilled to try!  Good job, Birchbox, starting 2014 off with a bang!


  1. Looks like you got a great Birchbox this month! Mine hasn't shown up yet, but I'm hoping it will soon.

    Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and say hi!


  2. I got the velvet polish in my box but it's kind of difficult to work with, but I'm determined to make it worth!

    1. Brigid, I looked up some swatches/reviews for the velvet set(s) after I wrote my post. Unfortunately it seems like the consensus is that it's incredibly messy to work with and that the polish/velvet chips off the nails within a day (so not really worth the effort/mess of application). Such a bummer because it sounds really fun in theory.

  3. Your glitter polish would be really great for an accent nail! I got the blue color and the glitter seems to be much much smaller.


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