Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our First Apartment!

The hubby and I will be moving into our first apartment at the end of the month and I am just elated! Our two bedroom apartment is the spacious second floor of an old home. It is conveniently located within biking distance of campus. There is a Kroger, laundry mat and bakery practically next door! I look forward to being able to make quick trips to the store if I need to pick up an ingredient or two for an impromptu recipe.

The house is quite charming and there is a lot of space both inside and out. The backyard has remnants of an abandoned tomato garden and I look forward to the option of growing my own little garden come spring.

The kitchen has some very quaint characteristics, my favorite being the 1950s farmhouse drainboard sink! Though there is no dishwasher, I think I'll get used to washing pretty dishes in the sweet sink. The stove and refrigerator are new. I am tickled about how much light the kitchen gets through it's one large window. I imagine many afternoon baking adventures will be captured in photograph! Unfortunately there is practically no counter top in the kitchen, but the hubby and I have already planned a remedy. His manliness will be building me a little counter with storage space below to connect the stove to the sink. The shape will have to be a wee bit wonky to allow for access to the cabinets under the sink, but I imagine we'll create a nice design. We have already researched counter tops at Lowe's and were quite pleased to discover we'll only have to spend $40 or so for a nice top for our little homemade counter/cabinets. I am planning to have a wee herb garden in various tiny pots in front of the well lit window!

An addition to the kitchen, which I am so excited about, I will have the entire second bedroom to myself as my very first studio/office space! I am delighted to have a room in which to expand my business and let my inspirations run wild. I have always been so inspired by other artists' work spaces and am eager to have my own.

Another aspect about the apartment that I really love is that we are free to paint and really make the place our own. The previous tenant choose some mighty bold colors in a few of the rooms, so we will be repainting the bedroom and bathroom before moving in. Eventually we will repaint the living room and the entry way, as finances and time allow. I hope to be able to paint my studio at some point as well, perhaps I'll pick out some paint for my Christmas wish list!

When we viewed the apartment for the first time, the hubby and I just knew it was the one for us! With all it's quaint details, it's spaciousness and it's convenient location, we were eager to make it the first apartment we'd share. Our adventures in making it home should began at the end of the month. I plan to post pictures through the painting/moving/decorating process!


  1. Really? Oh, I'd love to see a picture of your kitchen! I spent hours one afternoon looking up photos of similar sinks online. I love them all so dearly.

  2. Having a room all to yourself to create in is great thing. I couldn't manage without mine.

  3. Those all look lovely! Take lots of pics once you move in!

  4. congrats on the first apartment...sounds great

  5. Thanks everyone!

    I will certainly post many more pictures while we're redecorating and moving in and all that wonderful whatnot! I feel so very blessed to have found such a pleasantly located home and to have the luxury of having my own studio/office. This is something I have dreamed about for quiet some time and I am thoroughly giddy that my dream is coming true.


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