Monday, October 13, 2008

Shop Talk

I am in the process of streamlining my more casual Etsy shop, Hands in Pockets, to be more in line with the appearance of That Winsome Girl. While Hands in Pockets often features more of a quirky/colorful line, I am planning to start offering more affordable versions of my elegant line in the shop as well (i.e. brass versions of sterling silver or 14k gold-fill pieces). Over the next few weeks I will be retaking all my current item photos to have the same simple tablecloth background that I use in all my That Winsome Girl photos. While I like the colorfulness that the shop currently possesses, I think unifying the shop through a common background is a great technique of branding.

So there will be lots of changings ahead in the old shop as the new shop continues to grow and expand. I hope to have both the shops in tip top shape before the end of the month.

Two new listings, one in each shop:

Lady Bug stud earrings in Hands in Pockets for $6

Golden Rose stud earrings in That Winsome Girl for $18

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