Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gift Packaging Featured in the Etsy Storque!

I was browsing through recent Storque articles as I do every couple of days, and I happened upon an article for Packaging Ideas and lo and behold, there was my Hands in Pockets packaging about half way through the article!

How exciting! Neither of my shops have ever been featured in the Storque, gift gifts, or on the front page. What an honor and an encouragement! Thank you, daniellexo!

The photo shows the packaging I've been using for around a year for Hands in Pockets. I'll soon be upgrading to a bit larger, square purple jewelry boxes with white organza ribbon. I've been packaging That Winsome Girl orders in the loveliest jade colored gift boxes with white satin ribbon and peach colored paper flower bouquets. I think it is so important to package items beautifully, it really shows the customer that you care and are thankful for their order. Additionally, with jewelry, shipping in jewelry boxes is a great way to ensure the customer receives their item(s) safe and sound.

I've been meaning to capture a lovely photo of my That Winsome Girl packaging for some time. I'll definitely move that to the top of my to-do list so customers will see just how their gifts will be packaged for the holidays!

I also just recently ran out of my old stock of kraft bubble mailers and ordered some lovely white ones. I have been dreaming up different ways to decorate them for shipping. One of my biggest goals for my Etsy shops at the moment is to work on organization and streamlining of listing and packaging.

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