Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am always so inspired by the before & after posts on the Design Sponge. One of my favorite projects I've seen are made over vintage telephone benches. These charming pieces of furniture are great for entryways and I've been dying to find one of my own to refinish for the rather empty hallway/entryway in my apartment.

This telephone bench was refinished by Elizabeth of Quest Twenty Eight. I just love the uniqueness of telephone benches and how fantastic they look made over with modern colors and fabrics. I'd love to find a few pieces of unique vintage furniture to make over during the summer. I have actually spotted a "cute end table" on Craigslist that I believe is a vintage telephone bench. I am so tempted to jump at the opportunity to purchase it, but I have a feeling I'll have to convince the hubby of it's fabulous potential.


  1. I love these telephone benches! there is an old one in a second had shop where i live, which i would love to buy and transform in a similar manner (i always thought they would make quite sweet 'craft chairs' , the one i am looking at has an arm and a back to the chair bit too).
    My mum has this book on her shelf (which is rather old) about DIY upholstering. It makes transforming furniture look so easy. I want to have a go at re-springing/re-covering an old chair (some kind of winged arm chair) but sadly do not have the space for it (let alone the time)!
    If you do buy it, take some pictures :) !!

  2. I am so intimidated by reupholstering fabrics, but it is a skill I really want to have! I am always so in awe of vintage furniture that folks find super cheap and then repaint and reupholster. I never thought about finding a book on it before. I'll have to check and see if one of the local libraries has anything.


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