Monday, May 18, 2009

New Pieces at Isle of You

I took twenty or so new pieces to Isle of You in Lexington this past Saturday. I was hoping to get more designs made for the occasion but simply wasn't able to. I will, however, be adding more new pieces to my collection there soon.

Click to view larger.
I must apologize as these photos are rather blurry. I have a small assortment of necklaces only currently offered at Isle of You as well as a number of earring designs, a few studs, and some rings and brooches.

I am crazy about the necklaces I have available there! The necklace in the middle is one of a kind and features a vintage skeleton key to which I have wire wrapped a gorgeous strand of freshwater pearls in 14k gold fill. Every time I see the necklace at the Isle I just want to take it home with me and hide it all for myself. I must say that I am almost equally in love with the new necklaces I brought on Saturday. The blue, pink and orange roses you see are very rare 1950s celluloid roses which I have transformed into pendants for some very unique necklaces. I am mad about the necklace to the left of the key, which features a vintage mesh brass bow and a vintage brass locket with cameo. I want them all!

At any rate, there are a lot of great pieces currently available. There are some colorful pieces, perfect for summer, as well as the usual whimsical pieces. If you're in the Lexington, KY area you should stop by Isle of You and check out the That Winsome Girl offerings!


  1. Oh god. i am totally in love with the skeleton key necklace. I cant believe it is one of a kind and i dont live near kentucky! I'm so gutted! I would have totally had that off you!
    Thanks for the blog comment! :) i have been slack with it lately due to exams, but i i think you should deffo go for a knitting pattern! They are so suprisingly easy, and if you know stocking and garter stitch, it is literally all you need! I like littler patterns because i get a bit bored with doing super long rows. I actually knitted a hat the other evening too. I'm going to post a picture of it along with the first part of a knitting tutorial (which im sure you wont need :) ) sometime soon!
    All of your necklaces and earrings are so beautiful!!

  2. Aww, thank you! I have been meaning to do some more skeleton necklaces. I bought a lot of several of them almost a year ago and a few of them (such as this gorgeous key) jumped out to me right away and I know exactly what to do with them. However, there are still a handful in my collection that I have yet to transform into anything. Perhaps I'll find the perfect use for them soon. This particular key, as well as the necklace it became, was by far my favorite of the lot. It is so detailed and elegant, I knew it was destined to have an accompaniment of freshwater pearls. If it doesn't find a home soon, I am thinking of bringing it back with me and putting it up on my Etsy shop. :)

    I look forward to seeing your knitting tutorial, and especially the hat you knitted!!! I really must find time to teach myself how to use patterns and the like. My knitting skills are so basic all I can really do is knit a simple scarf.


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