Friday, June 26, 2009

Gemstone Shopping and Another Event

The Kentucky Proud Art Fair went quite well last Saturday. While the wind was a force to be reckoned with and several of my displays got damaged (nothing a little elbow grease can't fix), the show was a great success! Unfortunately with the wind issues I was pretty preoccupied after getting set up so I didn't get a chance to photograph my new display. I am hoping to capture some nice photos soon. I am now frantically preparing for the Lexington Fourth of July festival. I was accepted as a juried artist to show at Triangle Park in Lexington from 9am until 6pm on July 4th as part of the Vine Street Festival. One source claims that last year's festival saw over 150,000 visitors, thus I am expecting a busy, successful day!

I have been ordering lots and lots of new supplies as my stock has been painfully low. I ordered some gorgeous gemstones to pair with three vintage brooches which will become one of a kind necklaces.

This gorgeous pink chalcedony briolette is from The Curious Gem on Etsy. I will be pairing it with a lovely vintage Catamore 12K gold-filled brooch with a sweet ivory rose. I am planning on accenting the necklace with some wire wrapped freshwater pearls.

These stunning green onyx cube beads are from Stoney Marie Gemstones, also on Etsy. They will be paired with a vintage Van Dell 12K gold-filled rose brooch with an ivory rose. I am planning on placing the brooch asymmetrically on one side of the necklace and wire wrapping these gorgeous beads at the bottom of the drape. I will also use a few to make a pair of matching earrings.

Lastly are some beauitful deep amethyst cube beads also from Stoney Marie Gemstones. I will be using these similarly to the green onyx beads above. They will be paired with a vintage sterling silver bow shaped brooch which will be placed asymmetrically with the amethyst wire wrapped to drape beautifully. A pair of matching earrings will also be made.

I am really excited about these new gemstones and can't wait to see how the designs turn out.

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