Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Perfect Print

I did a little online shopping last week when Torrid had one of their fabulous 50% off clearance sales. I also had a 10% off coupon which got me some great deals. Torrid usually only has a handful of pieces at any given time that are really feminine and frilly enough to suit my style. This floral print chiffon ruffle blouse was just my taste--feminine and romantic with just a hint of whimsy. And it has the most perfect print: light and airy pastel flowers. Love it. Had to have it. And now it's mine!

Seriously, isn't that print amazing? I'm a big fan of teeny tiny floral prints but hate bold, overpowering prints. This print is large enough to be noticed, but delicate enough to still look soft and understated. Something about the thin lines and transparent hues remind me of watercolor, which I just adore. I have a few design ideas for the perfect earrings to pair with the blouse. One idea is a bit more sculptural, playing off the outlines in the print. Another idea is more simplistic to compliment the pretty pastel colors. We'll see which wins my heart.

I also purchased this perfectly pale gray cardigan to wear over the floral blouse. Now I just need a dark denim pencil skirt to complete the look. I have a denim pencil skirt but the color is a bit too light to pair with more elegant tops and it's becoming rather worn as it's one of my staple pieces. I'm having the worst luck finding affordable (plus size) just below the knee length pencil skirts this season.

These are my favorite of the pieces I purchased during the most recent 50% off clearance sale. These sales are pretty much the only way I shop from Torrid as I just can't justify their regular prices. I'm proud to say that none of the pieces I purchased were more than $12. I just love a bargain.

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