Friday, November 9, 2012

November 2012 Julep Maven Box

The November Julep Maven boxes focused heavily on the fall trend of matte/suede nails.  Most of the five box styles contained primarily neutral colored suede polishes.  While I thought they looked lovely, the colors were similar to shades I already had in my collection.  So this month I decided to go with the Bombshell box which stood out from the other styles in color and finish.

In addition to a pink grapefruit scented Body Frosting and three Polish Remover Pads, the Bombshell box included two polishes: Donna, a smokey peacock blue crème and Trina, a deep aubergine shimmer.

Donna is a really gorgeous moody blue that I adore for fall.  Trina is bewitching with it's stunning reddish/golden shimmer.  I look forward to trying out the Body Frosting once I have used up some of the other body lotions I'm currently working on.  I'm also really glad to have the Polish Remover Pads as they'll come in handy to take with me as I'm traveling around the holidays.

I'm really happy with the contents of my November Julep Maven box!  If you're curious to know more about the Maven program, check out my post on my September 2012 Julep Maven Box.

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