Friday, September 13, 2013

Diamond Candles {Review and Giveaway}

I was recently contacted by Diamond Candles with the opportunity to review one of their candles and host a giveaway.  Like most women, I'm constantly burning candles around my home and I was excited to have the opportunity to test a candle from a brand I had yet to try but had heard wonderful things about.

For those who haven't heard of Diamond Candles, they are a unique company that offers scented soy candles with a twist.  Inside each 100% soy candle, crafted in North Carolina, is a hidden surprise: a ring worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000!  The value, style, and size of rings vary candle to candle, so each experience is fresh and new.

Choosing a scent was hard as Diamond Candle offers a pretty wide selection of scents.  I had my eye on a candle that would be a good kitchen scent and something that would transition from summer to fall.  Their Apple Slice Candle seemed like a perfect fit: "A fresh green apple.  We took a blender, several apples, a ring, and a candle wick and voila!  Apple Slice Diamond Candle.  Well not quite exactly but that's what it smells like."  I would say the description is pretty accurate here: this candle smells like straight up fresh green apple.  It's fresh and crisp and fruity; a scent you could truly enjoy year round.

On the back of each candle is a golden circle to note the approximate location where the ring is hidden inside the candle.  There is also a little description about how to enjoy your candle and (safely) retrieve your ring:

"We know you can hardly wait to find out which ring lies hidden in your candle.  So this is how it's done.  Simply light the wick, let the candle burn and enjoy this unsurpassed, high quality fragrance.  Once the ring's foil pouch is revealed, extinguish the flame and wait for the wax to cool.  Then, remove the pouch with something other than your fingers, like a pair of tweezers.  Now, unwrap the foil pouch, and enjoy the rest of your candle and your beautiful new ring from Diamond Candles."

According to Diamond Candles, it usually takes 10-15 hours of burn time before most rings will be uncovered.  When I first lit my candle, I let it burn for about three hours.  Unfortunately mine didn't seem to burn completely even and I had some tunneling that began.  After the second burn (around four hours), the tunneling was even more pronounced but my ring had begun to appear.  An hour or so into my third burn and I felt there was probably enough of the foil ring pouch exposed to remove it.  So, in total, it took about 8 hours of burning before my ring was uncovered enough for removal.

As instructed, I let my wax cool and (mostly harden) before using tweezer to remove my ring.  Each ring is protected inside a small plastic bag that is covered tightly with gold foil.  The rings will be completely safe and protected from wax during burning.

And... the ring reveal!  I received one of the $10 value rings.  While it's definitely a piece of costume jewelry, the ring seems sturdy and well made.  As I mentioned above, the style and size of rings will vary candle to candle.  The ring I received was a size 8 (I wear a 9 on my ring finger) and was, honestly, a little young for my taste.  The surprise of not knowing what ring I would receive was quite fun though, despite the likelihood that the ring I received wouldn't fit or be my personal style.

I really love the fun surprise aspect behind these candles.  The inclusion of a ring really elevates these 100% soy candles and sets them apart from other offerings.  These would make such a fun holiday, birthday, or wedding gift for the women in your life.

Diamond Candles retail for $24.95 for a 21 oz. candle ($1.19/oz.) which is cheaper than Bath & Body Works candles, for example, which retail for $20.00 for a 14.5 oz. candle ($1.38/oz.).  Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, I did experience some tunneling with my candle.  Diamond Candles offers some instructions on their website for ways to fix a tunneling candle, so I'll be sure to give them a try.  I also want to note that while I chose my candle with the intension of use in the kitchen, I found that the scent throw wasn't strong enough to be noticed in the space (though we have a large kitchen which is open to our living room) so I've instead been enjoying it in my smaller office and our bathroom where the fragrance is more pronounced.  All in all, I'm pretty happy with my first Diamond Candles experience.  I would certainly consider purchasing from them in the future for myself and for gifts.

Enter the giveaway using the widget below for a chance to win a Diamond Candle of your choice.  Once the winner has been chosen, he/she will be contacted with a code to redeem their candle.  (Unfortunately Diamond Candles currently ships only to addresses in the US.)

If you've experienced Diamond Candles in the past, I'd love if you left photos of your ring reveal in the comments!

*For anyone interested, the macaron print in the photos is by Jayme of Delectable Deliciousness.

Disclosure: Diamond Candles kindly provided me with a candle of my choice to review and will be providing one giveaway winner with a candle as well.  I am not being paid for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. What an interesting idea. I've never heard of this before but seems to fit the desires of any girl: candles and jewelry! I'll be going to North Carolina in the next few months and may have to pick one up.
    Thanks for your honest review, too. :)


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  3. I love these candles! Crossing my fingers for the giveaway! Here is a 20% off coupon for a Diamond Candle:

  4. I love these candles! Crossing my fingers for the giveaway! Here is a 20% off coupon for a Diamond Candle:

  5. I really like your blog Amy, this is just what I needed to surprise my wife for her birthday. She's a candle freak, but I guess I'd rather have nice smelling candles surrounding our house then a stinky pet. Do you have any ideas where I can buy cheap candle holders online? Thanks again,

  6. I really love Diamond Candles ... half the fun is waiting to see what the ring will be! They actually have a "10% off" deal going on right now if you use coupon code 10PCTDIAMOND


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